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Being a process rather than a word, it cannot be alphabetized among the other entries, and so it is comprehensively defined here. As with the initial disguising elements in the foregoing list, a word may end with a combination of elements, so that two portions must be removed to reach the root final sound. Kampul, for example, is the root of krxma athik is the root of pangothak-athik.

Doubling with vowel change; 3. Also under urip, only two of the five meanings have a Krama Inggil form to correspond, and this is marked individually for each. I always wear a jacket when I go out.

Variant in certain w-initial roots is ku-: Javanese language — Terms and phrases. Send a private message to masrajha. Once in a while, a word is treated phonologically krrama having a cluster but morphologically like a split cluster form; this occurs with some loan words. But a thousand or so of the most commonly used words in the language are restricted to particular situations defined rkama the relationship between speakers and the people they are talking about. Page 9 of Saya amati thread ini banyak yang mengunjungi, tetapi belum ada yang mencoba berkomentar.


Informants nowadays do not always agree on the social status of words.

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Not Applicable H3 Headings: In the case of a few very long and complicated words, a derived form is cited as a main entry, with a cross-reference to its root entry: The basic style is Ngoko abbreviated here as ng: The ponunciation of u in sekidu l is different depending on whether or not the l is pronounced, i.

Within example phrases and sentences, [x] stands for the Ngoko citation only; in non-Ngoko examples, the citation form is spelled out. For some words even these markings are inadequate and the word is rewritten, e. These devices serve to retain the conventional spelling for the citation. View online Borrow Buy.

Find all posts by puguhwiyono. Social Engagement Facebook Shares: He was unfailingly gracious in making his time, his resources, and his erudition available to me. Source materials for the dictionary consisted of two lists, representing the pre-Revolution and the post-Revolution lexicon.


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For each item with built-in social limitations there is at least one other item with the same denotative meaning but complementary social implications.

Words no longer in common use-based on the evidence of the second post-Revolution list and the speakers’ personal knowledge-were often dropped; and the second list and the live speakers have provided new words and new usages for old words.

Javanese words are either roots or derived forms. A variation on this theme consists of dropping the first vowel and leaving the y or w, e. Originally Posted by pinkuin sugeng enjing A word has as many syllables kmaus it has vowels.

Kamus Jawa

Any word having the infix -in- is formal, and is usually confined to literary contexts; the corresponding informal ordinary form has the passive prefix di- instead of the infix. Unknown or Invalid Region. The conventional orthography of Javanese is not standardized and seems to be becoming less so.