Jilly Cooper is a journalist, author and media superstar. The author of many number one bestselling was appointed OBE in for services to. The Rutshire Chronicles is the name given to a series of romantic novels by Jilly Cooper. Riders (); Rivals (; also known as Players); Polo (); The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (); Appassionata (); Score! (). Rivals is a novel by the English author Jilly Cooper. It is the second of the Rutshire Chronicles, a series of books set in the fictional English county of Rutshire.

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As well as being reintroduced to Rupert Campbell-Black – who is far more loveable rogue this time than unprincipled bastard – we also meet the O’Hara family, including the divine Taggie who is destined to play a huge part in Rupert’s life. Of course all the various affairs and romances are entwined with this, generating divided loyalties and leaked secrets, but it all comes good in the end for the nice characters anyway.

Published May 7th by Corgi first published Taggie’s story is probably my favourite, although she is a bit too good to be true in places. The main romance is of course Taggie and Jillyy Things can only look better when love is declared around.

Detailed Review Summary of Rivals by Jilly Cooper

My favorite was Cameron, the high-powered, bitchy, ambitious, American television producer. I had a short love hate relationship with this book. If anyone could have redeemed Rupert it’s her. The plot this time involves a large franchise battle between Corinium – the incumbent television company, led by Tony Baddingham – and Venturer, formed by a number of larger than life characters who have had various run-ins with Tony and wish to see his downfall. The narration is appalling.

There are dozens of characters, they rival appear to cooprr sleeping together in different constellations and occasionally it’s quite difficult to keep them apart.


But love might not be enough. Leo Cooper —, his death [1]. Further suggestions might cooperr found on the article’s talk page. Jilly Cooper has suffered a stroke, coped with her husband’s serious illness and even admits that her famously raunchy image is a myth”.

I wonder why they changed the title–Rivals was a much better title. The format probably contributed as well, reading books over pages on kindle is quite dreary in itself.

Jilly Cooper: Rivals and Riders by Jilly Cooper – Penguin Books Australia

BellaImogenPrudenceHarriet and Octavia. An excellent read – starting the next straight away. Jan 26, Daisy rated it it was amazing.

rvals After artistic differences lead to a falling out with his new boss, the oily Lord Baddingham, Declan and Rupert, along with a ji,ly of endearing and eccentric characters, decide to set up their own company and bid for the franchise. Woods, hills, fields, pastures and rivers feature frequently.

The review of this Book prepared by Hannah Warnaar. One of the franchise members is Rupert, long divorced, retired from show-jumping and a Tory Minister for Sport. The very best of Jilly’s fiction IMO.

Jul 12, Katie rated it it was amazing. Coopre 23, Alissa rated it really liked it. Views Read Edit View history. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Jilly Cooper

I found the characters reactions to a few situations to be unbelievable. You can tell she has a wonderful sense of humor and an insider’s knowledge of the world she describes.

Overall, Cooper is not breaking the mould here at all but she writes a fantastic and gripping story. Fear not, I hear Polo rectifies this and it is certainly on my list of books to read next since technically it is still summer eventhough I am no longer on holiday. Thanks for telling us about jjilly problem. As a rival coopet emerges to pitch for the franchise, reputations ripen and decline, true love blossoms and burns, marriages are made and shattered, and sex raises its delicious head at almost every throw as, in bed and boardroom, the race is on to capture the Cotswold Crown.


Following on a few years from where Riders leaves off, Rivals throws us back into the saddle see what I did there in Rutshire, where Rupert Campbell-Black is now Tory of course Minister for Sport.

Rutshire Chronicles

On top of that, the story is often unbelievable, there are far too many characters, a lot of the attempts to write vernacular dialogue are cringe-inducingly bad, and the frequent puns and witticisms seem clunky.

I read Riders and found the most often light and humorous style of the author worth trying another one of her books. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I do hope there are few more Bonkbusters t I have read this many rivlas before Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When Tony goes too far one day, Declan walks out. The first version of Riders was written bybut shortly after Cooper had finished it, she took it with her into the West End of London and coooper the manuscript on a bus.

It is set in the fictional county of Larkshire, which borders her other fictional county, Rutshire. Rupert Campbell-Black very notorious rake and famous showjumper before he quit for a career in politics decides to join forces with his neighbours Declan o’Hara and Freddy Jones to overthrow the owner of the neighbourhood TV jilpy Tony Baddingham by bidding for the TV franchise in the area.

The O’Hara’s are such a loveable family, and I am not irritated by Taggie at all as I usually would be by such a soft and submissive character!