Integracija Geografija, biologija, chemija, informacinės technologijos, istorija. Tirpinimas Plakimas Kočiojimas Mitybos vadovelis klasei. Leidykla ” Šviesa”. Junior secondary school includes grades seven through ten where the emphasis is on Lithuanian and world . Lietuva ir pasaulis: istorijos vadovėlis XII klasei. Norėtumėm pareikšti viltį, kad vadovėlis nors iš dalies pa- tenkins gyvą .. Lietuvos visuomenė XVII amž. Lietuvos ir Lenkijos valstybinės santvarkos blogybės;. „aukso laisvė”. į 5 klases ir ėjo 5 metus. Be lotynų kalbos, čia.

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Lithuanians participated in European and global events. A summary of the history textbooks analysed in the study by publishing year is presented in Table 2. Moreover, today authors aim to portray the close relationship between the history of Lithuania and world history. They explain the relevance, goals, and objectives of every topic to make mlasei learning process easier.

istorijos vadovelis 10 klase pdf – P(1) –

History is taught in secondary schools from grades five to twelve in Lithuania. First or all, one of the most important innovations is the inclusion of a variety of historical sources as supplementary material.

Most of the time these assignments require students to find out about the historical events of their locality and their effects on people.

This victory ended the threat of Islam to Europe.

The first includes grades five and six grade five — Introduction to the History of Lithuania; grade six — Introduction to World History. Textbooks introduce students to various sources and include guidelines explaining how students should analyse these sources.

Usually, the end of kladei chapter provides review material where students can check their knowledge and skills.

The present study focuses on older and newer textbooks for all grades, which are still in use. Students were not used to reading from monitors. English Oxford living dictionares. Since Lithuania gained its independenceapproximately history textbooks have been published, but this study focuses on some of them only, which means that some other innovations could exist as well; however, they were not identified and analysed by the researcher.


These textbooks include as many as fifteen to twenty different primary and secondary sources together with assignments and questions. Lithuanian and world history is integrated in these textbooks. It is done either through the facts about Lithuanians participating in the events of other countries or by using their ideas and perceptions on foreign affairs. Students of upper grades receive directions on how to analyse various sources. There are three concentric patterns. It is quite often revealed by referring to the participation of Lithuanian people in the events and affairs of other foreign countries.

Therefore, when describing the history of Europe and other continents, some history istoeijos relate it with the situation in Lithuania or Lithuanian people and the nation. However, the digital textbooks did not replace the traditional textbooks, which still remain the primary teaching material.

Starting from major changes took place in history textbook content from the perspective of didactics: The last five years showed a tendency to use a large number of history sources and related assignments. It encourages students to find out how history influenced the life of their locality. The majority of students were excited about this new ixtorijos.

The section reveals how at the beginning of the 20th century Lithuanian researchers observed certain similarities between Hittite and Lithuanian languages and tried to prove istorojos Lithuanians are very close to Hittites The first project My Locality in the Past and Present encourages a student to find out when their locality was first mentioned in writing.

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One of the studies analysed the first series of history textbooks for grades seven through ten published in — The traditional textbook is still easier to use as digital books need students to have computer skills.

Later, these textbooks were translated into Lithuanian and became compulsory in all schools in Lithuania. Help Center Find new research papers in: For instance, a textbook for the fifth grade includes a topic National Minorities in Lithuania from the Establishment of the State to the Present with an assignment to find out how many different nationalities currently live in their area and what their differences and similarities with Lithuanians are His publication Ideal History Textbook: Other textbooks use a variety of colourful pictures as an attention getter.

Despite these few difficulties, the digital textbook became a fact of life which also appeared in the second and third edition.

Today, similar topics can be found in other history textbooks. Click here to sign up. In the first stage 50 textbooks published in Lithuania during the period — were chosen for the analysis. However, some difficulties arose. However, the integration of world and Lithuanian history received some criticism owing to too much focus on world history at koasei expense of Lithuania They identify the contributions of the famous and well known personalities from their area.

Limitations Some limitations were identified in the study.

Textbooks and study exercises

Istorija ir sovietinis propagandinis balastas. The example of a close relationship could be the history of Lithuania and Turkey. Some topics are compulsory for students.