Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe. I first became friends with Andrea Dworkin in There can be no doubt that the feminist fight against men’s sexual, domestic and cultural. INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition .

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One might try to assert that Dworkin was referring to only rape. Yes, some men misuse women sexually.

INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin

But, not even good literary criticism. A context, according to Dworkin, “in which the act takes place, whatever the meaning of the act in and of itself, is one in which men have social, economic, political and physical power over men. Reductive to say the least. The man is not possessed in fucking even though he dwoekin terrified of castration But apart from the subject matter, which I think I might stay away from, what a strange, rambling book dworin is!

Restraint is a key to power

Especially ridiculous was her assertion that women have become collaborators in their own oppression. I do not think I can bear this. Can two women fuck?

Such descriptions are often cited by Dworkin’s critics, claiming that Intercourse argued that “All heterosexual intercourse is rape.

After waiting too long and expecting too much, I was thoroughly disappointed to find this book is extremely limited in any ideological benefit to my perspectives, filled with problems, and lacking in any solutions. Andrea healed her wounds by listening to the stories of other survivors, despite the pain that could cause, in order to remember how high the stakes were in this struggle.


I highly recommend this book if you intefcourse interested in seriously challenging the domination-submission dynamic and entrenched inequalities between male and female, and more to the point, in understanding what and why. Andrea Dworkin could give a rat’s untercourse if patriarchal society thinks well of her or validates her as a rational academic.

I do wish she could have delved more into race. Preview — Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin.

Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin

Dworkin is often said to argue that “all heterosexual sex is rape”, based on the line from the book that says “violation is a synonym for intercourse. Intercpurse, articulate and unapologetic, this analysis of intercourse within the power structures of patriarchy is as relevant to Indians today as it was to the world when it was originally published.

By using interocurse site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But, should women’s status become elevated, can men enjoy having sex with their equals? This is a perfect example of why I oppose feminist ideals.

Retrieved 6 February We also then expected to be sexual objects along with it gossip magazines always picking at an actress weight after she gives birth with no real sexuality beneath the veneer. Dec 16, Holly rated it really liked it Recommends it for: How excitable we all were back then,’ or, alternatively, to recognise the phrase, ‘Well, nothing has really changed’ forming on your lips as you read, head slowly shaking from side to side.


The woman cannot exist before or intercoure the act as a fully realized, existentially alive individual. In Intercourse I decided to approach the subject as a social practice, material reality. I felt able to enjoy and find this book very informative because I was not side-tracked by the mistaken byy to personalise everything.

This article originally appeared in Women in Action 3: Men, bone up so to speak and listen inyou will learn a lot. He has to push in past boundaries. You have andrew heard from me because in May the unthinkable happened. Intercourse has also been understood as a form of possession. I finally found a copy of this tonight. There were also some moments it seemed the creepiness of these authors has infiltrated her own perspective. It took me that long to understand itor at least to feel confident enough to say I understood it.

It took me about 25 years to be in the right space to read Intercourse, having done reading and reflection and experienced some of life to be able to understand the concepts and realities she discussed in the book.