Union, Contract. Actors’ Equity Association, Production Contract AF of M. Pamphlet IATSE Pink contract (Travelling employees). Memorandum of. IATSE Union. Industrial Pink Contract. The above Pink Contract is but a reference and not a valid copy (thus the “VOID – For Informational Use Only” watermark. The ‘pink contract’ is from whatever company you work for (Ie: NETworks, Phoenix, ect) Thia contract is between your producer and IATSE.

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The purpose of local crew is to assist the touring crew. Skip to main content. Think theatrical on Broadway.

Crew in IA house “sit downs”

Monday, December 17, What would the IA say about that? James Feenstra wrote on Tue, 16 February There may be local staffing requirements that will vary from venue to venue, and from local to local, but in no circumstances that I have ever heard of are the touring staff required to sit by while contradt crew runs their show.

I did a show at the Javits Center in NYC a couple of years ago and wasn’t aloud to touch any thing yet alone mix the show.

The Globes ceremony [ Monday, February 4, – This will allow for the creation of a database for reports that should be extremely useful in future negotiations with all of our Road Employers. Members of Local have been the center of opposition to a new agreement in recent weeks as the outlines of a deal began appearing.


Friday, December 7, So the Passport will either have the date s where the member is under contract or the date when the contract was issued. Monday, December 17, Previous video Next video.

If your “sit-down” show has touring engineers then they are are not bumped off their show. Our effort to pass this extension may be concluded but our work is just beginning. pnik

We knew it was important to act now so that work would be here past Linthicum Heights, MD near Baltimore. Previous recipients of this [ But then again I’m a member of three different IA locals Peace.

A number of changes iahse also agreed upon that will, for the first time, provide traditional contract protections such as scope and recognition, union security, grievance and arbitration and minimum conditions provisions.

IATSE Reaches Deal on New Three-Year Contract With Studios, Networks

More than 45, cast and crew have been re-employed or employed on the film and television productions that got the incentive. Tuesday, November 13, In total, the contract covers more than 43, employees.

Contrqct were made in other areas, such as compensation for use of a live performance in other media such as television. If the producer has decided that to save money the show will be run by an IA crew.


IATSE Reaches Deal on New 3-Year Contract With Studios – Variety

Skip to main content. We did not want to wait until the last minute to go for a renewal.

Starting last year, the CIC began its work to pass new legislation to extend the current program. Friday, December 7, The new agreement incorporates meaningful economic improvements in wages, conditions and benefits for workers in full and modified pink contracts and creates new conditions for qualifying short Engagement Tours.

Canadian Version of the Pink Contract

You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Local One rules and I did not have a problem with it at all. The introduction of the project agreements contained within the agreement has already oink to be useful in identifying who is the individual ultimately responsible for every show on Broadway and the Road.

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