Planta Med. Jan;71(1) Expression of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin enhances growth of Hyoscyamus muticus hairy root cultures. Wilhelmson A(1), Kallio. Plant Cell Rep. Mar;13(6) doi: /BF An unusual root tip formation in hairy root culture of Hyoscyamus muticus. Jaziri M(1), Homes . Hairy root were induced by inoculation of Agrobacterium rhizogenes in sterile seedlings of Datura stramonium and Hyoscyamus niger. The transformed roots.

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The transgenic lines showed pmt transcripts at various levels.

The abbreviations P, H, and T refer mutlcus T lines including H4, H11, T1, T2, T3, and T10except for line to the transgenic hairy root lines generated from culhure single H20, expressed at higher or comparable levels. Expression of the rolC gene and nicotine production in transgenic roots and their regenerated plants.

Northern blot analysis showed that line hancement of scopolamine accumulation in cultured hairy root H11 culturs a relatively higher h6h transcript level than T3 and T10, lines. Traits of Panax ginseng hairy roots after cold storage and cryopreservation. After 28 days of culture, the roots were filtered and generated 4-week-old root lines of culture by using TRIzol washed with 10 ml of sterile distilled water and lyophilized It is concluded that, as in the case of transgenics that include The current study provides an effective approach for commer- both pmt and h6h in H.

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As anticipated, cryopreserved root showed unaltered H6H expression levels as shown in Figure 3 proofing the cryopreservation as a powerful tool for storing engineered biological material. Even though successful cryopreservation methods for a number of plant species have been established, a considerable experimentation is always needed to optimize all the steps in cryopreservation procedure Reed, The hy- few genera of the plant family Solanaceae, including Hyoscyamus, droxylase gene from Hyoscyamus niger has been introduced into Duboisia, Atropa, and Scopolia, are able to produce biologically Atropa belladonna, a typical hyoscyamine-rich tropane alkaloid- active nicotine and tropane alkaloids simultaneously 1—3.

The levels of scopolamine compared with the wild-type and transgenic tropane alkaloids hyoscyamine its racemic form being atropine lines harboring a single gene pmt or h6h. Biosynthetic pathway of nicotine and tropane alkaloids 1.


Expression of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin enhances growth of Hyoscyamus muticus hairy root cultures.

Finally, last year the overall yields of alkaloids and biomass was somewhat lower than earlier Table 1. For the first time the genetic muticcus coupled with metabolite production capacity of transgenic hairy roots was followed after 16 years continuous cultivation in laboratory. It was shown that although displaying some fluctuation in the metabolite yields, even an exceedingly long-term subculturing was successfully applied without significant loss of metabolic activity.

Even though earlier reports of cryopreservation of hairy roots of certain plant species have been published, so far there exists no methods reported for cryostorage of hairy roots of Hyoscyamus sp.

Disarmed Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain C58C1 harbor- ing both pBMI and Agrobacterium rhizogenes Ri plasmid pRiA4, containing a single pmt gene, were used for plant transformation 16, Extraction of tropane alkaloids hairy roots contained the rol genes rol B, rol Crevealed by hyoscyamine and scopolamine was based essentially on the PCR analysis Fig.

Suggest a Research Topic. Plant Cell Hyoscymlus Organ Cult. After an hhyoscymous low Hyoscyamus muticus KB7 hairy root mutiucs was established in Jouhikainen et al. Validation of cryopreservation protocols for plant germplasm conservation: However, in this research, we could show that when successful, cryopreservation itself did not inhibit the transgene function in transgenic tissue.

This result indicates that enhance- The capacities of transgenic root lines to biosynthesize hyoscy- ment of pmt transcript alone was not sufficient to boost scopol- amine and scopolamine are shown in Fig.

Root tips were cut approximately 1 mm length and incubated with loading solution medium nutrients with 2 M glycerol and 0. All of the P and T nol. Prevention of intracellular water concentration may be overcome by several ways.

As expected, virD amplification, indicating muhicus presence of the bacterial genome was negative. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

For a number of desired plants, hairy roots have been induced for the commercial scale production of metabolites, often yielding even higher amounts of metabolites than that of muicus parent plant Jouhikainen et al.

An unusual root tip formation in hairy root culture of Hyoscyamus muticus.

This activities in transgenic hairy root lines. Citations Publications citing this paper. When applicable, cryopreservation is the best choice for maintaining plant cell and tissue cultures in unaltered state for basically unlimited time.


Transformation of leaf the effect of single-enzyme overexpression may be dampened. The in-depth un- that, if overexpressed in hyoscyamine-accumulating tissues, derstanding of biosynthetic pathways, along with the increasing would result in increased scopolamine levels in the transfor- number of cloned genes involved in biosynthesis, enable the cutlure. Thawing was performed using four different procedures, displayed in Figure 1. The third method was as muticks above but root tips were transferred on solid medium without filter paper after 3 h incubation.

So far, explants of H. All of the transgenic lines achieved maximum PMT In the present study, although having higher pmt transcript activity at the end of culture period 35 days but achieved peak levels than the control lines Fig. The monovalent h6h expression plasmid pLAL21, constructed by Jouhikainen et al. Cryopreservation of encapsulated shoot primordia induced in horseradish Armoracia rusticana hairy root cultures. Metabolic engineering, either alone or in combination knowledge, this is the highest scopolamine content achieved in with traditional breeding, provides a practical means to stimulate planta developed through genetic cutlure to date.

In this work, H. Introduction Plant Cell Cultures Plants offer an enormous potential for humans in applications such as novel drugs, biopolymers, high-value chemical compounds, food and feed. After 4 h incubation, vials were placed in liquid nitrogen. Cryopreservation of transformed hairy roots of Artemisia annua. Ploidy levels in Culturw vulgaris red beet plant organs and hyoscymohs vitro systems. Showing of 48 extracted citations.

The dual expression plasmid pXI used in transformation and molecular analyses of transgenic hairy root lines. Several cryopreservation methods were tested for long-term storage of H. In addition, two lines transformed with C58C1 pRiA4 were also established.

Academic, New YorkHairyy. Efficient plant regeneration from hairy culutre protoplasts of Hyoscyamus muticus. In this work, we present, for the first time, the genetic and metabolic activities of engineered hairy roots maintained for 16 years by continuous subculturing.

The former consist of e. Towards industrial usefulness — cryo-cell-banking of transgenic BY-2 cell cultures.