How To Be Black, the enhanced e-book edition, contains 14 author-conducted video interviews with individuals who exemplify “how to be black,” an audio clip o . How to Be Black is a book written by the American comedian Baratunde Thurston . It is an autobiographical account of Thurston’s life and upbringing and. This interview was originally broadcast on Feb. 1, How to Be Black will be released in paperback on Oct. It’s no coincidence that.

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How to Be Black Quotes by Baratunde R. Thurston

Avoid being explicitly racist 4. It’s great to actually hear their voices and laughter. Retrieved June 28, It’s no coincidence that Baratunde Thurston’s new memoir and satirical self-help book How to Be Black was slated for release on the first day of Black History Month. Everybody is different but that brings different things to the game, what a boring world this would be if we all stuck to one unshakeable path for our entire lives.

How to Be Black

Victoria Sanders of the San Francisco Chronicle said the book “makes light of uncomfortable truths about America’s awkward relationship to stereotypical and monolithic blackness by offering very funny advice about such topics as ‘How to Be the Black Friend,’ ‘How to Speak for All Black People’ and ‘How to Be the Black Employee'” but said that Thurston was at his best when describing his troubled upbringing in which his father was murdered, forcing his mother to raise him alone as well as his experiences at Sidwell Friends School and Harvard University.


It has caused a lot of grief and pain and heartache. This interview was originally broadcast on Feb. I hw to Mr.

Baratunde Thurston Explains ‘How To Be Black’

Middle class, politically liberal people of color. So on opening weekend, I go to the theater, I sit in the back to not disturb people, and I live-hate-tweet the film. Victoria February 19, I kept shouting “Yes! If nothing else, the conversations, smirks, giggles, and very confused looks I’ve gotten while reading this book in public have been great. I feel like if we all just stepped one group over, I think we would get things done a lot quicker. He also wrote it in such a way that I could picture it so vividly which made it even funnier.

I really tuhrston everyone on the Blackness Panel, too. Oreo’s someone who is black on the outside and white on the inside. Also, from Jaquetta herself, “But people of all persuasions, ethnicities, political backgrounds have come up to me and said, ‘Thanks for telling my story. I’ll stick to walking and the occasional yoga DVD. View all 6 comments. He pointed to a kid across the way and said, ‘That kid’s an Oreo.

Ve to Book Page. I feel like if we all just stepped one group over, I think we would get things done a lot quicker. Just how middle class people of color can be misunderstood, pulled between two worlds and are charged with the task of being lifelong diplomats.


Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Wodehouse and Beavis and Butthead quite funny, though.

The audiobook includes i How to Be Black is the reason audiobooks were created. Since I’ve gotten three comments on this, I feel like maybe I should clarify a bit. Beauty and the Book: On learning how important it is to have a black friend if you’re a white person, and vice versa.

Note that these quotes are often internal quotes from The Black Panelseven of Tto friends and colleagues whom he feels “do blackness well.

Dec 16, Vanessa rated it really liked it. My jogging experiment may have failed, but at least I got this book out of the deal.

And the woman who put up a site called Rent-A-Negro. Thurston’s mom raised him by herself after his father was killed.

I didn’t mean to say that I felt Mr. I couldn’t get through one David Sedaris story without putting the book down.