Free Online Library: Hiperplasia condilar, diagnostico y manejo clinico a proposito de un caso clinico.(CASO CLINICO, Ensayo) by “Revista Facultad de. Case report. Facial asymmetry secondary to mandibular condylar hyperplasia. A case report. Alberto Wintergerst Fisch,* Carlos Iturralde Espinosa,§ Santiago. Title: Tratamento da assimetria facial causada por hiperplasia condilar: série de casos. (Portuguese); Alternate Title: Treatment of facial asymmetry caused by.

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The first anchor was placed in the posterolateral aspect of the condyle and sutured to the disc and retrodiscal tissues.

The left TMJ and articular disc remained unchanged. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract.

Hiperplasia condilar, diagnostico y manejo clinico a proposito de un caso clinico.

This thickening of the neck allows reshaping of the remaining neck to serve as a “new condyle”. A historical review of important early cases with a presentation and analysis of twelve patients. A high Le Fort I was performed to correct the zygomatic deficiency. Along with overcrowding it is among the main reasons for seeking an orthodontic consult.

Some CH classification systems have been proposed.


Cephalometrically, the dental compensation was corrected and the verticality of the patient decreased due to the maxillary intrusion and mandibular hiperpasia rotation Figure 8. A vertical osteotomy with an extraoral approach was performed in the mandible for the correction of the laterognathia.

The age at which the patient arrives for consultation is crucial in the decision for the kind of treatment: This can be achieved performing a high condylectomy or condylar remodelation in cases of active growth.


The facial and dental aesthetics improved Figure 9. The variables observed were condylar morphology, presence of cortical bone and spatial relation with articular fossa, hiperplasi a descriptive and qualitative analysis for their study. A preauricular incision was performed with a temporal extension to approach the giperplasia joint; performing a blunt dissection, the articular capsule was located, and then incided in a ”T” shape.

Inicio Revista Mexicana de Ortodoncia Severe prognathism and laterognathia, condilar hyperplasia with considerable fac After consulting with the patient, the following treatment plan is chosen: Hiperrplasia reported that the mandible continued to grow, increasing facial asymmetry, and pain was felt at hiperpladia right temporomandibular joint TMJ. The different aspects of unilateral condylar hyperplasia have been studied and continue to be controversial; nevertheless, treatment based on condylectomy has been established as part of the working protocol.

The orthodontic surgical prediction was sent to the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. Thus, the low condylectomy was performed carefully using an instrument to protect the posterior region of the condyle.

The aim of this study was to define the repair and morphology observed in mandibular condyles of temporomandibular joint TMJ with UCH diagnosis, treated with a condylectomy.

An ipsilateral sagittal split osteotomy should be performed to thrust the disc and the “new condyle” into the articular fossa. In every case an increase was observed in the size of the condyle in all the relations observed, on the axial, coronal and sagittal planes.

Tratamento da assimetria facial causada por hiperplasia condilar: série de casos.

Upon radiographic examination, Obwegeser and Makek 6 describe the enlargement of the condyle, with a deformed, generally irregular head and a thinned and elongated condylar neck.


A CBCT was performed in the first postoperative month and after 1 year from the surgery to analyze variables. CBCT image of treated condyle 3 weeks after condylectomy; clear osteotomy and without defects. For these reasons, it was decided to perform a high condylectomy. Vertical osteotomy of the mandibular ramus was also reported.

Asimetría facial secundaria a hiperplasia condilar mandibular: Reporte de un caso

Frontal tomographic slice hiperplasis shows the maxillomandibular discrepancy. Condylar hyperplasia of the temporomandibular joint: Access was obtained to the upper and lower joint spaces of the TMJ and condylar process, where a low condylectomy was performed with removal of approximately 8 mm of the condyle. The first type is caused by unilateral growth in the vertical plane. Along with overcrowding it is among the main reasons for seeking an orthodontic consult.

C- Panoramic radiograph showing the arrangement and steady maintenance of anchoring devices in place. A correct diagnosis as well as the correct interdisciplinary planning is essential for a successful treatment. The aim of this investigation was to identify the bone hiperrplasia observed in surgically treated condyles after 1 year using cone beam computed tomography CBCT.