Heinrich Kemmler is one of the Vampire Counts Legendary Lords who was part of the faction’s original roster in Total War: Warhammer. Heinrich Kemmler burnt with the need for power. Having recognised the limits that mortality placed upon him in his early years, Kemmler made it his life’s work to. Heinrich Kemmler. It is said that the end goal of power is power itself. In no being, living or dead, is this personified more singularly than in Heinrich Kemmler.

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By attacking in winter the Elves were at their weakest and it was only thanks to the great and venerable treeman Durthu who roused the native wood spirits that the necromancer was defeated, and not before he caused great swathes of devestaion to the forest. The unit is Undead does not rout, immune to terror, becomes unstable when is low. Though he perhaps never knew it, Kemmler’s wanderings in the mountains were subtly guided by the spirit of Nagash – part of an evil heinrichh that would free Krell and unite him with ueinrich forces of the Undead.

Heinrich Kemmler 2: Lichemaster Boogaloo image – Warsword Conquest mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

Shadow Druids ke,mler choose Magic Items from the common lists or the Archeological Artefacts list of up to 50 points. As anyone familiar with HeroHammer would be able to tell you, Kemmler’s stats and weapons back in these editions were fucking bullshit. There was about years of history behind it and Kemmler had his hand in several facets of it.

This heinricb provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies. Now he’s free to walk up to anyone he wants and attempt to murder them with Desiccating Grasp while fearing no retaliation unless they have a magic weapon.

Meant to be a tarpit but they usually end up dying to their own rules more than anything else. He was still a Level 4 Necromancer, but this time with a whole host of new gear under his cloak and a shiny new rule:.

Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster image – Warsword Conquest mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

Both flesh and necromantic energy slough off the subjects leaving naught but dust. In addition to the above equipment, Skeleton Warriors have the following rule: Heinrich Kemmleralso known as the Lichemasterwas one the most powerful and feared necromancers of all time.


Speaking of which, he was also a level 4 wizard who could equip the following:. Kemmler and his unit should he be in one also ignore one point of crumble, which can certainly help out if you lost because of something minor like musicians or outnumbering. Raises the dead, heals the dead, buffs the dead, makes toasts, feeds them to the dead, raises the dead toasts, makes them fight along the dead.

This is Vanhel’s Danse Macabre but better because not only does the move ignore terrain and obstacles it’s like that forest and that house wasn’t even there but it works up to 24″, as opposed to Vanhel’s meager 18″, because Kemmler can’t get away with only showing up Nagash. The tales of these two monsters were many. Unlike Ghosts, the entire unit doesn’t die when they fail the test once. Oddly enough too the rules state that if Kemmler is taken below 0 Wounds but somehow gets them back then the army-wide crumble ceases to apply.

It gives you two free dispel dice with no consequence in each enemy magic phase.

Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster image – Warsword Conquest mod for Mount & Blade: Warband – Mod DB

Contents [ show ]. Kemmler gets a free power dice and dispel dice in their respective magic phases. An extremely powerful rule that almost justifies his obscene points cost on its own. In hindsight, this seemed to be foreshadowing for what GW would end up doing to the Warhammer Fantasy setting.

Like the Skull Staff, the Cloak of Mists and Shadows rarely gets changed around and is tied for having the fewest variations. A lucky bolt thrower can definitely put them down. Cast this on pretty much anything and they become combat blenders. Heinrichh main focus was necromancyfor which he was renowned. In future editions the Skull Staff would usually keep one iemmler these abilities or both and otherwise get something new in place of the one it lost.

Both Barrow Kings and Shadow Druids can take common items, but these ones are almost all universally good as well as entirely unique to the army, so you might as well use them.

Matt Morgans 2 months ago Facebook. Having recognized the limits that mortality placed upon him in kfmmler early years, Kemmler made it his life’s work to escape his mortal shackles and began to travel throughout the length and breadth of the Old World in hopes of achieving such goals.


Each new ancient vampire which awakes grants significant faction-wide bonuses based on their character.

Crown of the Damned: This is quite handy since aside kemmle the obvious, you’re not limited to only having one unit of these with a Magic Standard unlike many other armies.

Fortunately it did have a use, if you combined it with Desiccating Grasp it gave a very welcome buff to the spell. With a statline like theirs it’s not like they should have anything more anyway. Back then called Hans Zwemmer, but who memmler later become Krell With enough raw magical power from his wanton killing and undead under his command, he then launches an all-out attack against the Abbey A la Maisontaal, where he is eventually defeated for good.

Kemmler can cast any spell he wants as many times as he wants so long as he still has power dice. The residing abbot a powerful cleric of Taal saw through his magical disguise and hammered Kemmler with a spell that severed hienrich from his magical power source permanently. If you are buying this upgrade, make sure you’re not letting their unit-wide S6 go to waste.

He heinruch deemed such a risk that the entire White Council hunted him down in It’s a Wight King that always comes mounted on a Chariot; Their statlines and points costs are pretty bad, but their chariots are quite good and the magic items they can take are fantastic, so their impact largely depends on how they’re built and when you use them.

This is great for setting up traps and dealing a ton of damage without actually paying that much a Barrow King who exposes their flank can wipe out an entire unit of Blood Knights for example. Black Axe of Krell: Warsword Conquest is a total conversion of warbands mount and blade 1.

Very handy for making sure he doesn’t instantly die. As it says on the tin.

A slight change here, Kemmler’s still Ethereal but he’s no longer forced to only be able to attack other Ethereal creatures.