Nor, viewed as a biography, does xvi JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Forkel much enlarge our knowledge of the con- ditions of Bach’s life. He had the advantage. Johann Sebastian Bach, his Life, Art, and Work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology is a thorough . Johann Sebastian Bach: His life, art, and work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Johann Sebastian Bach: His Life, Art, and Work by Johann Nikolaus Forkel

Again, 1 At the beginning of the seventeenth century, as Spitta points out ii. Short of being such a man as he was, dwarfing all other musicians from the height of his superi- ority, I can conceive no greater distinction than the power to comprehend and interpret him to others.

That Forkel is remembered at all is due solely to his monograph on Bach. Bach placed his hand on the finger-board so that his fingers were bent and their extremities poised perpendicularly over the keys in a plane 1 His ‘ Versuch fiber die wahre Art das Klavier zu spielen ‘ was published Part I.

Johann Nikolaus Forkel – Wikipedia

He arranged the choirs and the music sung at the scholars’ annual processions and perambulations of the town, which took place at Michaelmas, New Year, and on St. Van Swieten was an early Bach adept, for instance making Mozart familiar with the baroque composer. Pro- bably his last work at Weimar was to put the ‘ Orgelbiichlein ‘ into the form in which it has come down to us see articles by the present writer in ‘ The Musical Times ‘ for January-March The School was badly managed, its discipline was relaxed, the better-to-do citizens withheld their sons from it, and its numbers were seriously diminished.

Motet, related to the Gospel for the Day ; omitted in Lent and replaced by the Benedictus. But unfortunately he soon lost it and did not at once develop another. The notes are struck without effort and with less risk of missing or hitting too hard, a frequent fault with people who play with their fingers elongated or insufficiently bent. The latter’s post was still vacant and a new and particularly large Organ sixty-three speaking stops was being erected.


The junior and least competent singers sang at St.

In Scheibe published in the ‘ Kritische Musikus ‘ a criticism of Bach which, while doing justice to his powers as an organist, characterised his bacu as ‘ turgid and confused in character. From thenceforward till his death eighteen years later Bach’s occupancy was not disturbed. Late in the thirties he resigned his directorship of the Uni- versity Society.

They died within a short time of each other, and were objects of wondering interest to all who knew them. The Bachs were settled in Wechmar as early as circ. On the following October 5,when the King visited Leipzig, Bach’s hurriedly written Cantata, ‘ Preise dein Gliicke, gesegnetes Gorkel whose first chorus became the ‘ Osanna ‘ of the B minor Mass, was performed hi the Market Place. Thomas’s, Leipzig, it suffered almost complete neglect until a generation after Forkel’s death.

It performed vocal and instrumental music and was the medium through which Bach presented his secular Can- tatas, Clavier and Violin Concertos, and Orchestral Suites to the public. Siebigke published at Breslau in his ‘ Museum deutscher Tonkiinstler,’ a work which adds nothing to our knowledge of Bach’s life, but offers some remarks on his style.

The oldest, the Clavichord, as a rule, had two strings to every note, set in motion by a ‘ tangent ‘ striking them from below. When I say ‘ more frequent use ‘ I do so advisedly ; for whereas fokel Bach’s system the thumb is the principal finger for the difficult keys, as they are called, are unplayable without it it is not equally indispensable with Couperin, whose thematic material was not so intricate as Bach’s, nor did he compose or play in such difficult keys.

They were firkel attached, alike in disposition, in voice, and in the style of their vorkel. He even robbed 1 Antonio Vivaldi, d. Its great body of tone renders the Organ ill-adapted to light and jaunty music.

Hence, though Bach’s office carried large respon- sibility, it left him considerable leisure for com- position. That’s a good thing to learn from them, instead of dicking around with potshots at their work, or rorkel guesses at their mental competence. I hear that they all now stand, unfit for use, in various corners of the Royal Palace.


In he revived an old Cantata 1 to celebrate the birthday of another of the Leipzig teachers. To augment the Town Musicians the Cantor has been wont in the past to employ University students and instrumental players in the School. No one could adjust the quill plectrums of his Harpsichord to Bach’s satisfaction ; he always did it himself. J So far as it is not derived from the short article in Mizler’s ‘ Library ‘ already mentioned, 2 I am indebted for my information to the two eldest 1 The anonymous article in the ‘ Allgemeine deutsche Bibliothek,’ to which Forkel alludes, deals with Bach’s Clavier and Organ works and upon them asserts Bach’s superiority over Handel.

They could not fodkel live in the same locality. Wilhelm Friedemann, who accompanied his father, often foriel me the story. In the latter post Bach was of use as a Violinist and Clavier player. Retrieved from ” https: On the other he was solemn, im- pressive.

Johann Nikolaus Forkel | German musicologist and writer |

He died in his official residence there at a quarter to nine on the evening of Tuesday, July 28, This is what we call a transitus regularis et irregularis. The fourth generation 3 of the family produced forjel of exceptional distinction, 1 The ‘ Stadt Pfeiferei,’ or official town musical establishment, descended from the musicians’ guilds of the Middle Ages and was pre- sided over by the Stadt Musiker, who enjoyed certain ancient privi- leges and the monopoly of providing the music at open-air festivities.

Harmony requires more than one. On high days music also had to be provided at St.

The daring work to which Forkel alludes was written about and is lost. But to secure that result it will be neces- sary to introduce between the notes which begin a phrase and establish its general atmosphere other notes which often are not consonant with those employed in the other parts and dorkel incidence is governed by the accent.