FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is pleased to announce the release of its 44th edition of the . Special Package. Top up RM (Normal Rate RM2,) for additional Full Page advertisement in. Business In Action (Bi-monthly newsletter of. Federation of. FMM Members. • Major Bookstores in Malaysia. • Business Institutions and. Trade Organisations. • Ministries, Government. Departments and Agencies. • Foreign.

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The selection followed the sequence from the randomized master mailing list. None of the agencies could claim that malasian directory mqlaysian the most exhaustive and up to date. Some respondents suggested that the words be made simpler and the number of items reduced, especially for the first section of the questionnaire. A total of 5, copies of the newsletter will be circulated to Ministries and its agencies, foreign embassies, trade offices, business visitors, trade mission delegates, etc.

Malasyian quality of information in FMM directory is the best, as this juncture. Evidence from the literature,” Field Methods, Vol. Energy roadmap should not be swayed by political pressures: Each survey packet consisted of a post-paid self-addressed envelope.

It is hoped that the paper would be of help to those who wish to embark on doing organizational empirical research in the Malaysia manufacturing sector. The insights are based on one particular study and are not claimed as being conclusive.

The instrument for malaysiann collection is questionnaires. Overall, responses were collected registering a response rate malaydian The above prices are for sales of directories over the counter. Please enter your password. New FTAs are being negotiated with other countries as well.

This paid online survey service enables personalized email invitation to the targeted respondent with a professional outlook form. The data collection period was from February to June The third response was from personal interview; the interviewer did not check the questionnaire when the respondent returned it to her. Meanwhile, hardcopy mail survey was sent together with a cover letter addressed to the head of the company e.


Apart from ensuring the instrument or questionnaire follows all the best practices recommended in research methodology literature, selecting the right approach suitable for the induustries respondents is crucial too. It is considered normal that some respondents might not answer all items in the questionnaire.

The second section has 14 items measuring operational performance using 5 point Likert scale. Without dash, space Please enter a valid phone number.

Re-energising the private sector to drive growth Developing a quality workforce and reducing dependency on foreign labour Creating a competitive domestic economy Strengthening the public sector Transparent and market-friendly affirmative action Building the knowledge base and infrastructure Enhancing the sources of growth Ensuring sustainability of growth FMM at its Council Meeting on March 31, issued a press statement, which was subsequently reinforced and expanded into a full submission to the NEAC on May 17, The Logistics Solutions offered by the companies are as follows: In this study, 3 responses are unusable.

Almost all the respondents in this study did not return the questionnaires even though they were given post-paid return-envelopes and had verbally agreed to do so. In Malaysia, every agency related to manufacturing industry has it own sets of directory and classification.

Sampling design and sample size are common topics that can be found in research methodology textbooks, hence they are not discussed here. The Results section reports the findings in each stage and lessons learned are highlighted in the Discussion section. ICT Solutions for Companies.

This function is easily available in statistical software like SPSS. Institute of World Business Law. Remember me on this computer.

FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries – 46th Edition (SB/19/)

Please enter your email address. The code you entered 20144 not valid. Published annually since This is the stage where the researcher has no control when confronted with poor response rate. In view of the encouraging response from hardcopy mail survey, the second wave of mailing involved sending the survey packets to the non-respondents from email invitation list in selected regions that have yet to achieve the minimum targeted responses, mainly the central and southern regions.


The other respondent could not be contacted.

Please enter your company. Help Center Find new research papers in: The above rates apply to sales over the counter.

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Kuantan – Kuantan Country: Information will include updates fo trade agreements signed by Malaysia with partner countries and market alerts will help members take advantage of market opportunities created by liberalization and internationalization of trade around the world. Not only high responses are desired but good quality data too. Malaysia, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers. Unfortunately, none of the existing directory registers such a figure.

Some researchers may criticize the use of oversampling Bartlett et al.

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For further enquiries, please contact Ms FloranceS. Without dash, space Please enter a valid area code. We are pleased to enclose a copy of the publication, for your reference. Used as trusted source by Trade Commissioners. Questionnaires can be sent as conventional hardcopy mail, electronic mail email or administered through personal interview, telephone interview, web-based survey and recently, mixed mode method, where surveys are initially sent by mail and followed up via email and vice versa Converse et al.

However, the compilation task is tedious and messy mainly because of overlapping listing and unclear product category entries, especially in the MATRADE directory. Department of Statistic, M. Ms Natalie Ng Email: