Enfermedad de Von Willebrand Hay que tener en cuenta aparte, que las razas de perro muy pequeñas tienden a sufrir colapso traqueal. Los anticuerpos monoclonales frente al factor de von Willebrand se hallan acelera la trombólisis en la trombosis de la arteria coronaria del perro (). Request PDF on ResearchGate | Von Willebrand’s disease diagnosis and Factor von Willebrand y Enfermedad de von Willebrand: nuevos.

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enfermedad de von willebrand en perros pdf

This dog will Never transmit the disease. Education, honesty, responsibility and cooperation are the key. Please do not turn a blind eye or ignore this grave willbrand.

We understand that maybe other Breeders may not agree with this article but we have tryed to get proper information and our intention is to share it. Unfortunately we have already reached the critical moment where it’s crucial that if we have enrermedad tiniest doubt whether our specimen is a Carrier, we must test the animal to know exactly what the status is, so we can act accordingly taking full responsibility for our actions.

Education, honesty, responsibility and cooperation are the key. The character of most genetic diseases is autosomal recessive, as for example D. The fact that new owners are not warned or told about this only adds to the problem.

Do whatever to cut the hemorrhage. The last ej most important point: Having some information on how genetic diseases work is also helpful but it is up to us to prevent and even eradicate these diseases now while we still have time.

In high grades, some specimens have bled to death. It is similar to human Hemophilia.

enfermedad de von willebrand en perros pdf – PDF Files

If our breeding dogs and their parents are not tested, we are taking a major risk. In pure breeds, in some breeds more than others, there are high levels of inbreeding which leads to genetic flaws.


Some years ago the breed was affected by PNA which proved to be absolutely devastating and turned into a witch hunt. The only thing left to say is that here in Spain, as far as we know, two Carriers have already been mated under the owners total ignorance and a big question mark hovers over their offspring. This menace could be cracked if we take the necessary measures now.

This animal is homozygous. I understand that this creates a conflict of willebgand for the breeders and many of them would like me to state that carriers are clinically healthy which does happen in other pathologies.

At the time we were so unlucky that we did not have the DNA genetic tests to identify and enfetmedad genetic diseases. The hind legs go first until their whole body ends up totally paralyzed.

The goal is to breed smart and ethically. The specimen who suffers from this disease cannot stop bleeding in the event of a cut, surgery, whelping,etc.

Willebrand y Mielopatia degenerativa en el kerry blue terrier English Enfermedad de v. La Cadiera with the colaboration of Dr. The vWF or Von Willebrand factor is part of the bonding agent that glues platelets together helping the coagulation of the blood thusstopping hemorrhages.

Having some information on how genetic diseases work is also helpful but it is up to us to prevent and learn how to handle the breeding so Affected dogs will never appear. The goal is to breed dnfermedad and ethically. There are already Great Breeders who announce that willfbrand fantastic dogs or studs are Carriers and keep producing with caution, without any problem.

Obviously, the animal must be taken to ;erros vet immediately so the appropriate drugs to accelerate blood clotting can be administered or surgery is needed.

Enfermwdad this case, if we assume the risk of mating a Carrier specimen with a Disease Free one-always checking the Disease Free factor, our obligation is to test all the enfremedad born from this litter. We are in favor of removing those animals who are Carriers from breeding programs but we respect the breeders that decide not doing so as long as their behavior is absolutely serious, responsible, trust worthy and totally transparent.


Ethics and honesty can only benefit all of us and we could control these diseases easily. Estandar de la Raza Caniche Seccion: To disclose the breeding tests and choose what you can in next generation without losing the gene variety. It can also produce a lot of suffering not only to the dogs affected by the disease but also to the families and owners who have bought wjllebrand dogs.

Do whatever to cut the hemorrhage. DE All enfsrmedad information should be out in the open and not only available to some.

Historia de Hugo Seccion: This animal is heterozygous in relation to this gene therefore one allele will be normal and the other one affected. The last and most important point: This dog will Never transmit the disease. Some are even outraged because it could place their name ds reputation in serious doubt. The puppies born from these litters who are Carriers must be placed with people who must guarantee they will not reproduce.

Las enfermedades congénitas de los cachorros según la raza

At home you probably have limited means so putting pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding and speed up blood clotting is the first step. This is the reason why you cannot rule out the problem in case of any kind of accident.

Of course that there are animals that are Peerros Free of any genetic illness, be it vWD or any other, which makes them great candidates as producers. The character of most genetic enferedad is autosomal recessive, as for example D.