In , Hasbro released the first Arcee toy that was a completely new sculpt in the Energon line. Energon is a line full of homages, and Arcee is a strong one. Energon Arcee – Image #1 of Energon Arcee – Image #2 of Energon Arcee – Image #3 of Energon Arcee – Image #4 of Energon Arcee – Image #5. Results 1 – 35 of 35 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Energon Arcee Transformers & Robot Action Figures. Find the perfect.

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Arcee is a motorcycle and a nice looking one at that. Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now. Arcee G1 Robot Heroes. Additionally, you can position her rear tire halves above her shoulders for a different look.

Write a customer review. There, Elita Seven teased Cliffjumper over never having gotten around to upgrade himself to a godlike super-being when he had the chance. This same color can be found on triangular details at her ankles. Transformers Animated Voyager Figure Skywarp. With the white and pink deco, the toy was a passable Arcee. There’s no mistaking Arcee for a “male” Autobot, this one is female all the way.

The whole process was rather cacophonous though, and Elita Seven had to cover her ears to behold the spectacle. Use this on your website, blog, or other places that use plain HTML. Soon after, Arcee and the other Omnicons provided the Autobots with energon stars for their defense of Cybertron’s energon grid. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Energon Like her Omnicon brothers, Arcee comes with a number of Energon accessories and an Energon star. The Movie was released, we were introduced to a new female Autobot: Together, they won the whole she -bang while Optimus and Hot Shot fooled around with trying to teach Ironhide some greater life lesson about hitting stuff. Outside of her size and slight articulation issues, she is a wonderful toy and well worth picking up if you get the chance.


Arcee Energon Figure Review – Transformers News Reviews Movies Comics and Toys

At the rear of the bike, there is a small oval piece above the tailpipes, swing those out and rotate them to reveal the robot hands. Eventually the energon tower landed and powered up, sending out a destructive wave that cleared the Terrorcons from the planet.

Click the link below to easily share this gallery on other websites and on our forums. By combining the two intakes and attaching the tail pipes to the sides, you can give Arcee a giant, compared to her anyway, long bow. At some point in the following years, the Arcee of Aurex Now, thorny questions about energin there needed to be “female” Autobots aside, this was a fascinating development, and in some circles, we fans thought we’d be getting toys of female Autobots.

Arcee has all the trademark sculpt designs of a Ninja bike. Please try your search again later. While Elita Seven helped provide cover fire for a cross-universal battle, the higher-dimensional beings in her squad suddenly all seized up. Will this toy be safe when it does this or that action feature?

Additionally, each intake can he held in either arm independently as separate weapons. Now they can tack on another item to that list: Unlike other Aecee, there are not lots of her.

Arcee – Energon – Toy Gallery (Page #1) – Transformers

Also, since Arcee has three slots and a Mini-Con peg to attach weaponry to, you can load her up with extra weapons too. One of the Optimuses in her company told Elita Seven to continue fighting, as transpiring events were still within the parameters of what the collective had planed dnergon. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

As the Autobots prepped for an energon tower being delivered from Cybertron, Arcee supervised the Omnicons in clearing a landing spot on Jungle Planet for the tower to touch down. We do our best to keep tabs on infringements. For warranty information about this product, please click here. Bring the windshield forward and extend the lower section of the bike down. No new colors are introduced in this form, though there is more pink visible as her helmet is completely pink. Energon As in vehicle mode, Arcee can use her Energon accessories in robot mode.


The figure worked primarily because of the very “feminine” features of Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia. New Items on eBay. The Autobots cheered at the obliteration of their foe. The tailpiples look like the wide parts of a crossbow.

Split the back of the bike and fold the pieces to the sides. Saturday, December 29th, As Bumblebee began steeling himself for the next dimensional incursion, Elita reminded him they needed to clean up the mess they had made in this world first. Inhowever, when an energon-deprived Unicron began attacking all the intruders that were currently occupying his dormant body, Primus summoned Arcee and sent her to reinforce the Autobots.

Arcee (Energon)

Omega Supreme They brought the energon grid on line in a vain attempt to prevent Unicron from reclaiming his head from Alpha Q’s Energon Orb. There you’ll also see a tampographed Autobot symbol and the Autobot “Spark Crystal”. He face is silver arcer her eyes a nice shade of blue.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Near the neck area is a slightly raised detail which resembles a collar.

Yet still, we waited for a toy. The metallic red paint can be seen in front of the seat. Showing of 2 reviews.