Eldad and Medad (Modat) was a short book of lines, longer than Ephesians ( ), shorter than 2 Corinthians (). Of it we have one. Six men out of each of the twelve tribes were summoned to the Tabernacle, solemnly set apart and filled with the Spirit — but two of the men — Eldad and Medad. Two men, Eldad and Medad, however, remained behind in the camp. The Spirit rested upon them, and they prophesied in the camp. Joshua.

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Instead of beginning with an angry rebuke, help and relief are first given, edlad then in a few calm words the needed counsel is proffered. It is a comfort to remember this when we grieve over some prodigal, who has gone beyond the reach of religious observances; who never attends worship, or reads the Bible. Her masts are firm, the canvas ready to be stretched, and her equipment complete.

Legend has not been very busy with their names, but the Midrashim Tanchuma and Targums say something of them and of what they prophesied. In the story as we have it in Numbers xi. Yet all this occurred under a dispensation which was far more strict in ceremonial law than that under which we live.

Indeed, there are those who in actual service can do very little, whose gracious and benign influence is the best proof of true inspiration. Unfortunately, the Authorised Version gives us a phrase which is the exact opposite of the meaning of the Hebrew phrase in the twenty-fifth verse, rendering it thus, ” They prophesied, and did not cease.

They are made half-brothers of Moses, in two ways, 1 According to the author of the Hebrew Questions on Chronicles iv.

They may have been absent from their tents when the papyrus letter was delivered, and would not be quickly found in the vast camp.


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Yet it is what might be reasonably expected, for they had come out of Egypt, the most civilised power then in the world, a country where the usual writing materials were exclusively made. The miraculous power given to the apostles, as evidence of their Divine commission, was not always at eldd disposal. This is in harmony with the experience of the early Christian Church.

There are considerable differences between the two quotations.

All the sources report that Eldad and Medad prophesied, “Moses shall die, and Joshua shall bring Israel into the promised ekdad. When this was made known eldac Moses and Joshua, the latter suggested that they be restrained, but Moses answered him, “… Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets” verses 26— Eldad and Medad were men called of God to undertake holy service for the good of His people. Eldad and Medad Modat was a short book of lines, longer than Ephesiansshorter than 2 Corinthians Just as we may learn more of the way in which an engine really works from a simple model — say of George Stephenson’s — than from one of the complicated machines of the present day, so we may gain the more instruction from this incident, because of its very simple character, while its antiquity keeps it out of the confusion mecad by modern snd.

Nathan should have humbled themselves instead of plotting against the patriarch. Thus, according to R. The Holy Spirit is no more confined to a place than the wind is, which bloweth as it listeth over land and sea, over desert and garden. No man therefore has the right to forbid any preacher from exercising his functions on the ground that his orders are not regular, or because he has not been recognised by an Episcopate, a Presbytery, a Conference, or a Union.

In the Aggadah The enigmatic appearance of the otherwise unknown Eldad and Medad as authors of an unrecorded prophecy Anc.


The Lost Apocrypha of the Old Testament/Eldad and Medad – Wikisource, the free online library

Gordon, Ugaritic Manualglossary, no. Hence, unlike other prophets, they never ceased to prophesy, and they were eldda additional advantages Num. Eldad and Medad Montague Rhodes James This strange Midrash may have been designed to counter in advance the charge against Moses’ marriage alliance with a Cushite woman Num. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. The same Divine Spirit who qualifies for religious work, creates men anew.

Amram did mdead, married again, and Eldad and Medad were his offspring. He will never suffer the righteous to elrad moved. Christians who at one time spoke for Christ are not always to blame if they speak publicly no more. Views Read Edit View history. Alone among the Elders their names are recorded; they kept their gift of prophecy and entered the Promised Land, They prophesied of the death of Moses and succession of Joshua so also Pseudo-Philo ; or, say others, of the quails; or of Gog and Magog.

To enable them to perform their function, God endowed them with part of the spirit eldxd had rested on Moses, whereupon they made ecstatic utterances. In Clement of Rome’ s letter, and mdead the Homily that is called his second Epistle, a prophetical passage is quoted without a name, which Bishop Lightfoot guessed to be taken from this same book.

This lesson, which still needs to be enforced in our own day, eldax perhaps best deduced from an incident so early and so simple as this. You are called upon, by the fact of possessing these qualifications, to serve God as opportunity comes.