James said: Superb book on how a man should dress. Covers the basics Alan Flusser’s name is synonymous with taste and style. With his new book. The full title of the book is “Dressing the man – mastering the art of permanent fashion” and content-wise this is quite different from books. Below is my video review of Alan Flusser’s Dressing the Man. I discuss why I think this book is one of the best in its class, and where I feel it could be improved .

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I would recommend this book as a reference. This book is a keeper–I highly recommend it! Jan 01, Eric Orchard rated it it was amazing Shelves: In hhe sections it was almost like he was writing things just to have something to say.

Building my wardrobe will take some time. A tie with a deep dimple below the knot, just as Flusser advises. But from the beginning, he keeps throwing in things that haven’t been explained. Part of his color palette may be due to the time in which this book was written; it is already 11 years old, and some colors are less common now than they were in the late 90’s.

My introduction to classics menswear, maybe too comprehensive for a start but an excellent and definitive text.

Once a man learns how to adapt the fundamentals of permanent fashion to his physique and complexion, he’s halfway home. Many never-before-seen vintage photographs from the dlusser of Cary Grant, Tyrone Power, and Fred Astaire are employed to help illustrate the range and diversity of authentic men’s fashion. I particularly enjoyed the section on color and coloring; finding out which clothes work best for a “high-contrast” com This is considered to be one of the must-read books about men’s style, and I believe that reputation is deserved.

Why, after men today have spent more money on clothes than in any other period fkusser history, are there fewer well-dressed men than at any time ever before?


Dressing the Man ‘s sheer magnitude of options will enable the reader to expand both the grammar and verbiage of his permanent-fashion vocabulary. But, it is comprehensive. Jan 13, Brandon Michaud rated it really liked it. I can not say that I have saved time so far, but my knowledge and confidence on the topic has been boosted immensely.

He gave one chapter to business casual and it was a pretty small chapter at msn.

Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion by Alan Flusser

Refresh and try again. Fludser a second to support nick on Patreon! Only in this way can we know the rules so well as to break them. Hundreds of wonderful shots of classic and modern mens clothes, with dos and don’ts clearly illustrated. Alan Moore Hardcover Books.

Dressing The Man By Alan Flusser | Book Review & Style Advice

So, each of the chapters-and I like how he really gets down to talking about things like proportion and color, things that a lot of men don’t even understand. A man’s physical traits represent his individual road map, and the quickest route toward forging an enduring style of dress is through exposure to the legendary practitioners of this rare masculine art. This book is interesting and a good read. The Internet is chock full of websites claiming to offer accurate advice on all aspects of menswear cough, cough.

Notify me of new posts by email. I’ve now read about 20 books on men’s style and consider this to be the cornerstone.

Dressing the Man Video Book Review | Alan Flusser’s Guide to Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

I mean, fashion is bad. Throughout the book, there are tons of pictures and illustrations. To conclude, I highly recommend this book for the gentlemen that is looking for some dressihg and reliable guidelines regarding male adornment.

It is Alan Flusser’s magnum opus, and you ought to read it. In addition, he has a number of black and white drawings. Show More Show Less.


Alan Flusser’s name is synonymous with taste and style. I love thw book. Flusser lays out the history of men’s drewsing form the mid-to-late s to flussfr present day; it’s obvious from reading this how we’re still wearing Victorian influenced clothing even at th An absolutely essential book for the man who wants to dress better, or simply wants to understand why men’s clothes are designed the way they are. This book was great for someone who wants to know how a man should properly dress.

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. You know, the price fluctuates but you can find it used. Overall I give it my highest recommendation and although not perfect — it is one of the finest reference texts available for your library.

Book ReviewsHistorySuits 0 Comments. It’s all done in a very factual way, although the language gets a little pretentious at times. It’s been out for nine years.

Dressing the Man : Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion by Alan Flusser (2002, Hardcover)

Unlike fashion, which is obliged to change each season, the face’s shape, the neck’s height, the shoulder’s width, the arm’s length, the torso’s structure, and the foot’s size remain fairly constant over time. See all 9 brand new listings. About this product Synopsis Dressing the Man is the definitive guide to what men need to know in order to dress well and look stylish without becoming fashion victims. So, we see some great pictures of Cary Grant, the Duke of Windsor, [0: Where there is room for innovation and cheekiness and where the Rules are set in stone.

The focus on history is paramount throughout the book.