Don Cupitt former Dean of Emmanuel College Cambridge was born in at Oldham England. He was educated at Charterhouse and Trinity Hall Cambridge . Visit ‘s Don Cupitt Page and shop for all Don Cupitt books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Don Cupitt. Don Cupitt. Don Cupitt. Controversial theologian and philosopher Don Cupitt presents Jesus as a radical secular humanist in this interview for the Philosophy Bites podcast. Listen to.

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Thirdlywhilst there are definitely grounds for questioning the old assumption that we can access absolute truth we could equally well say that there are reasons to trust our sense experience too. All Quotes Add A Quote. Additional notes on Cupitt including some useful extracts from interviews here. There is no readymade Reality out there. Well, yes, mystical writing is indeed politically and linguistically subversive and always was so the mystic seeks to cpuitt an effect of religious happiness by liberating religious language from the Babylonian captivity of metaphysics.

I must live my own life in a way that is authentically mine.

Religion then is about finding happiness and meaning in life. He first provoked hostile notice by his participation in the symposium The Myth of God Incarnateand ccupitt became nationally known culitt his media work — especially the three BBC Television projects Open to QuestionWho was Jesus? Religion is ‘man made’ but then so is our entire impression of reality.

It gave rise to the Sea of Faith movement in the UK which has been described as a sort of secular religion.

Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? He is married, with three children who all now live and work in London, and two grandchildren. I seem to have moved from standard Western Christian faith to an eclectic Christian philosophy of life. In the early s he stopped officiating at public worship, and in he finally ceased to be a communicant member of the church. If we take a positive statement about God i.

In real life, we love imperfections, irregularities, beauty spots, and signs of frailty or age. Solarity is creative living-by-dying.


People will mean different things by the terms. Secondlywe could take issue from a philosophical perspective with the non-realist interpretation of religious language. Life, Life Jan 01, Get to Know Us.

We have no access to the world as it really is, no means of stepping outside ourselves to see whether our experience corresponds with reality. Nothing is, nor can it be, objectively and permanently fixed. Life is a gift with no giver that is renewed every day, and true religion is expressive, ‘solar’ living.

So we should simply love life and say Yes to life until our last day. Although he has been a priest, he is better known as a writer, broadcaster and populariser of innovative theological ideas. The fact that we can construct something like science and then use it to make predictions about results again implies the reliability of sense data. One of the things that led Cupitt towards rejecting a realist interpretation of God was an approach to theology that goes all the way back to the Medieval world.

Cupitt, The Last Testament, Its whole exegesis of the Bible, and its whole supernaturalist world-view — based upon belief in God, in supernatural causes of events, and in life after death — is dead. He studied, successively, natural sciences, theology and the philosophy of religion. Recently, Don Cupitt has found views like his con in the surviving writings of Etty Hillesum, who died in Auschwitz. People discussing literature or science understand the rules of that particular language game so they know how to interpret the way that the words are used.

When we cupjtt born, we don’t come into this world, and when we die we don’t leave it. All we can do is speak of human experience and say something perhaps about what ‘God’ means to us. He is invited to visit universities in many countries, including recently those of Aarhus, Leuven, Beijing, Oxford and Yale.

Don Cupitt

Both our ultimate Origin and our Last End are within life. He also said that concepts like God, Salvation etc become meaningless when understood in a non-realist sense. Cupitt came to the British public’s attention in with his BBC television series The Sea of Faithin which orthodox Christian beliefs were challenged. For Cupitt the sun is an apt metaphor for how people should live life.


Each day has enough trouble of its own. Jacques Derrida can be described as an intellectual subversive whose work leads to the view that any text may be interpreted to mean almost anything, and as a mystic will. See the links under further reading to watch a video of Cupitt discussing Wittgenstein’s theories of language. Never say, nor doj think ‘Why me?

The Revd Don Cupitt | Fellows | Contact | Emmanuel College, Cambridge

There is no point at all in making any other preparation for death. Cupitt believes that this misunderstanding occurs whenever we interpret religious language in ‘ realist ‘ terms. Thus for Cupitt there is, paradoxically, more religious freedom in China than in the West.

For example, liberal Christianity has dispensed with many of the more problematic parts of Christianity without arguing for a non-realist interpretation of God. Links to both can be found at the bottom of this page.

We are moved and touched by the way all living things, and not just we ourselves, spontaneously love life, affirm it and cling to it.

I show you what you really think. Problems occur when the ‘rules’ from one language game are misapplied to another different language game. As his opponents said, Jesus really was a rebel, who cuupitt the power of creating morality from Heaven and gave it to us humans.

Words are also a human construct which means that we build reality. My symbolic expression cupit take various dpn, as it pours out in my quest for selfhood, in my loves or my work. In he was appointed to a University teaching post in the Philosophy of Religion, a job in which he continued until his retirement for health reasons ddon