The DFR22 from Shure is a two-input, two-output digital audio processor with feedback reduction. It features a software interface with “drag and drop” controlled. Buy Shure DFR22 Audio Processor with Feedback Reduction – A Versatile and Powerful 2×2 Processor: Studio Recording Equipment – ✓ FREE. Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Tech Support, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Shure DFR22!.

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If you want Auto Clear to work automatically after a certain number of hours, you must use the Preset Select buttons to set the number of hours 1 to Shure Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones block distractions with a comfortable, secure fit to keep music in your ears and puts rhythm in your routine. Processing blocks in the DFR22 can be dvr22 in any order, to any input or output.

The DFR22 will automatically insert a notch filter to attenuate that frequency. For further details see delivery estimates in cart.

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Back Panel Figure 2: You can also link processors for more efficient global control. To see the latest list of fully approved adapters, visit http: The DFR22 or any other feedback reduction processor will not let you to increase gain beyond shyre physical limits of the sound system. A stereo 16 filter DFR Preset 3: User access can be completely restricted so that the user cannot change any settings, or use the front panel controls.


Use one pin for each preset.

Shure Publications | User Guides | DFR22

When the level of a sound system is increased, the frequencies at which peaks occur will be the first to exceed the feedback threshold. Furnished Accessories Furnished Accessories. Overview Front Panel Figure 1: Effects of Notch Filter on Frequency Response. Email Address Sign Up. The DFR22 also allows real-time design changes, so you can add, subtract, or change processing blocks as you tune the system. Changing Presets The Preset Rfr22 on the front panel displays the number of the active shur.

DFR22 Audio Processor

This is because there are usually only a few dominant peaks in a system’s frequency response Figure 4A. When allocating control pins, you should first determine which pins are to be used for preset control. Includes graphic and parametric EQ, up to 10 seconds of delay, compression, limiting, gating, automatic gain control, ducking, sgure a fully configurable two-way crossover. Pressing these buttons locks the filters at their current values.


Shure 2 Channel Audio Processor With Feedback Reduction DFR22

Please check your local sales tax laws. How does the DFR differentiate between feedback and music? Similar to Preset 1, except both inputs are routed to both outputs. Additional rack mount supports may be necessary for mobile installations.

Wiring Connectors Figure 8: The audio signal going to Input 1 is analyzed and filtered by a feedback reducer using up to 16 notch filters, and is then routed to Output 1. And ensures that you get the best possible customized processor for your application. Although a computer is required to configure the DFR22’s equalizers, dynamics processors, delays, and crossover, you can use the DFR22 “out of the box” as an automatic feedback reducer, without connecting it to a computer.

Configurable signal path with drag and drop Windows interface. Each input is routed to each output. When it is in the “Lock” position, all front panel controls are disabled. The Shure DFR has quickly become the industry standard for effective feedback reduction.