: Sandstorm: Mastering the Perils of Fire and Sand (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Supplement). TrollandToad offers a large selection of Evo Games, Toys, & More at Great Prices . View Sandstorm hardcover supplement (d20 D&D ) WOC and. A sandstorm reduces visibility to 1d10×5 feet and provides a -4 penalty on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. A sandstorm deals 1d3 points of nonlethal damage.

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A stone fence provides a measure of cover sanfstorm well, functioning as low walls. Most duststorms are accompanied by severe winds and leave behind a deposit of 1d6 inches of sand. Moving on an angled roof surface without changing altitude moving parallel to the peak, in other words requires a DC 15 Balance check.

Dungeons and Dragons Sandstorm d20 Wizards of the Coast WOTC | eBay

Characters who fail by 5 or more fall prone in the square where they end their movement. Particularly high-altitude areas tend to be colder than the lowland areas that surround them, so they may be covered in ice sheets described below. Opus V Starter Deck. Sagebrush and other scrubby bushes grow on hills, athough they rarely cover the landscape as they do in forests and marshes.

RowlingHardcover There are 1 items available. Particularly thick bushes form patches of heavy undergrowth that dot the landscape in grasslands. A successful Swim check lets a creature move one-quarter its speed as a move action or one-half its speed as a full-round action.

d&d sandstorm | eBay

All desert terrain is crisscrossed with dry streambeds treat as trenches 5 to 15 feet wide that fill with water on the rare occasions when rain falls. Batman The Animated Series.


Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Treat as rain see Precipitation, belowbut conceals as fog. Mountains have an important terrain element, the rock wall, that is sandsgorm on the border between squares rather than taking up squares itself. The wall has six towers and is 10 feet thick.

These lanterns are spaced 60 feet apart, so their illumination is all but continuous. If all characters fail their Spot checks, the fire moves closer to them. The ground is covered with rocks of all sizes.

Dungeons and Dragons Sandstorm d20 3. Ranged attacks are impossible except with siege weapons, which have a -8 penalty on attack rolls. Many cities are surrounded by walls. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Snow has the same effect on flames as moderate wind.

Ships in a box! An immense forest could have all three categories within its borders, with more sparse terrain at the outer edge of the forest and dense forest at its heart. Often dug before a battle to protect soldiers, a trench functions as a low wall, except that it provides no cover against adjacent foes. Fords may disappear for days, bridges may be swept away, and even ferries might not be able to manage the crossing of a flooded river.

Characters who spend more than two months away from the mountains must reacclimate themselves when they return. Medium and dense forests have massive trees as well. Characters might want to buy their own buildings or even construct their own castle.

Many items ship with insurance and we must work together to protect our mutual interest in the unlikely event of damage during transit! It takes a DC 15 Diplomacy check or DC 20 Intimidate check to convince a crowd to move in a particular direction, and the crowd must be able to hear or see the character making the attempt.


It takes a full-round action to make the Diplomacy check, but only a free action to make the Intimidate check. This device is a massive wooden tower on wheels or rollers that can be rolled up against a wall to allow attackers to scale the tower and thus to get to the top of the wall with cover. Terms on that table are defined as follows. Metropolis walls have AC 3, hardness 8, and 1, hp per foot section. If the victim fails to hold on, he must make a DC 15 Swim check immediately to stay above the surface.

Secondary streets and alleys are not lit; it is common for citizens to hire sandsstorm when going out after dark. The freedom to retreat and ready access to the marketplace means that the players have a greater degree of control over the pacing sandsttorm an urban adventure.

Most adventuring activity is impossible under such conditions.


A day of snowfall leaves 1d6 inches of snow on the ground. At least one such guard post is present within each neighborhood of a city each neighborhood consisting of several districts. Tundra differs sanfstorm the other desert categories in two important ways. Creatures are knocked prone by the force of the wind.