In , she published an autobiography called Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir. Reviewing the. Join Sibel Edmonds at her Website In this startling memoir, Sibel Edmonds— the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that. Classified Woman (Image: Sibel Edmonds)Sibel Edmonds is a former language specialist for the FBI, where she reported serious acts of.

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I only hope that enough U. In this startling new memoir, Sibel Edmonds—the most classified woman in U. Retrieved 23 May The lesson here is to prepare for a wide range of possible attacks.

Classified Woman

Having lived under Middle East dictatorships, Edmonds knows firsthand what can happen when government is allowed to operate in secret. Edmonds refuses to let the matter rest, however, and eventually launches congressional investigations and court cases. I have listened to many of her interviews and feel that if more people had a backbone like her in our Wow what a book! One of her superiors informed her in these words:. If you’ve ever wondered who is blowing the whistle on our corrupt government agencies, you would do well to start with this book.

Sibel Edmonds worked for the FBI. Ms Edmonds was there, right in the midst of it, the lies and cover-ups emerging all around her. Another lesson is not to trust official channels.

May 09, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 18, Emily rated it liked it. She takes her case all the way up to the highest Sibdl ranks where she is subsequently fired. I believe everything Sibel Edmonds says about the FBI, congress, and the executive branch taking extraordinary pains to cover up internal malfeasance. What languages do you speak? While some of it is due to the culture of bureaucracy see Moral Mazes: One of the common pieces of advice to whistleblowers is that publicity is a powerful ally, when it can be obtained.


If Hardball and similar shows can devote a week nonstop to dissecting one idiotic comment about women being able to prevent pregnancy in cases of rape, they should be able to devote some time to the far more serious implications of Ms.

If your post does not follow our policy, it will be deleted. A Memoir Alexandria, Virginia: The implication is it is best to lie low rather than signalling an intent to take a public stand. But instead they choose to play ball with evil entities.

Jul 10, Bruno de Maremma rated it it was amazing Shelves: But it was worse than this. She was not prepared for Google to succumb to pressure and delete the blog at a crucial time.

A Memoir, Edmonds recounts the incredible story of her efforts, for more than a decade, to warn her adopted country of imminent perils, only to be slapped down, harassed, smeared, and threatened. Sep 20, Robert Kirkconnell rated it it was amazing. As far as government watchdog and whistleblower organizations go, none of them call back unless you happen to be famous. Through behind-the-scenes pressure, it was reassigned to a judge who was a pawn of the Bush administration, and who would rule for the government no matter what the evidence.


The Sibel Edmonds Story

Director Deputy Director Special agent. Unlike those in and out of government who attempt to dispute what she saw during her tenure with the FBI, Edmonds’ account is credible.

Thank you for joining the discussion at The New American. Sibel is a new hero of mine and I have a new-found sense of what makes America great Oct 29, Charles Moody rated it liked it.

Sibel Edmonds – Official Web Site –

One of her earliest and most helpful allies was Daniel Ellsberg, who had leaked the Pentagon Papers, a history of US government involvement in the Vietnam war, back in the s.

Robert Kirkconnell Author of: There is another stage worth mentioning: Apr 28, Mark E. On 1 FebruaryEdmonds published a story on her own website, adding details of events she described as taking place in April To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The book Classified Woman is her story. View all 3 comments. She was persuaded to appear on national television, after which she was contacted by numerous other media, in the typical flurry of attention.