The Cainites, or Cainians were a Gnostic and Antinomian sect who were known to venerate . for doubting the truth of Irenaeus’ account, though accusations of immorality urged against heretics should always be received with caution. This is a beautiful book, I cannot stress that enough. Cainite Heresy is one of the best books that White Wolf have ever published. This book is paced full of. Thankfully, Cainite Heresy is more the latter than the former. This book is a good, useful exploration of how vampire imagery can infiltrate (and sometimes.

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Dungeon of the Mad Mage Level caiinte Call herfsy Cthulhu Nevertheless, he was the weaker power, who could do them no permanent harm, for Sophia, the Heavenly Wisdom, drew back to herself those elements in their nature which they had derived from her. The account given by Irenaeus is unduly curt and the text not quite secure, but it is not difficult to form a general estimate of the sect from it, especially with the assistance of other sources.

By Hystera they meant the Maker of Heaven and Earth. From the human-christian perspective CH is certainly a most blasphemous heresy, cainitd why would most vampires view it as such?

I cannot speak authoritatively to the OP’s intent, but I believe that is the case. He speaks of Abel as derived from the weaker principle—a statement which bears the marks of authenticity. They regarded Judas the traitor as having full cognizance of the truth. A Kids on Bikes Review. Originally Posted by Morrus.

I am confused, since I never go into any of the Dark Ages stuff, but is this just about the release or is this an updated, hereay release? Demon Cat Illuminated Dark Ages character sheets and more. Originally posted by Demon Cat View Post. Free exclusively through TabletopGaming.


They were mentioned by Tertullian and Irenaeus as existing in the eastern Roman Empire during the 2nd century. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Reset Fields Log in. World of Darkness Epiphanius also says that Judas forced the Archonsor rulers, against their will to slay Christ, and thus assisted us to the salvation of the Cross. The view that Judas through his more perfect Gnosis penetrated the wish of Jesus more successfully than the others, and accomplished it by bringing him to the Cross through which he effected redemption, is only one of them.

That’s not a good image. Especially with the encouragement of monastic orders and the formation of Friars to lives of more apostolic poverty and granting or using of wealth to the poor, charity etc.

Why Cainite “Heresy” ? – Onyx Path Forums

Who could have seen that coming in AD? Which makes many loosely Christian vampires either see it as Heresy or decide to follow it, its kinda depends on the individual. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Actually the CH issue got me wondering what kind of forces were behind the rise of Christianity. But they escaped injury from him, for Sophia used to carry away from them to herself that which belonged to her.

Saturday, 12th August, The sect following was relatively small.


They claimed fellowship with EsauKorahthe men of Sodomand all such people, and regarded themselves as on that account persecuted by the Creator. Views Read Edit View history.

I’ll stop historygasming now. I wonder why is that so; certainly in middle ages there were many christian and pious vampires, but they were probably not the majority?


Philaster, on the other hand, assigns the action of Judas to his knowledge that Christ intended to destroy the truth—a purpose which he frustrated by the betrayal.

Carpocrates, we are told, defended this practice by a theory of transmigration. Last edited by Kale Cainitw ; The Cainites possessed a work entitled The Gospel of Judas, and Irenaeus says that he had himself collected writings of theirs, where they advocated that the work of Hystera should be dissolved. It was necessary to pass through all experiences, and hence the soul had to pass from body to body till the whole range of experience had been traversed.

Akodoken – Monday, 14th August, Join the ranks of the Skyborn, with Overlight. Gnosticism Early Gnostic sects. Articles needing additional references cqinite November All articles needing additional references Source attribution.

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There is no doubt that they applauded the action of Judas hegesy the betrayal, but our authorities differ as to the motive which prompted him.

Have they just made it available for POD or something? This would probably piss off the more Christian vampires. He therefore, rather than the other disciples, was able to accomplish the mystery of the betrayal, and so bring heresu the dissolution of all things both celestial and terrestrial. ReviewsWorld of Darkness.

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