: Back from the Undead (Bloodhound Files) (): D. D. Barant, Johanna Parker: Books. Another work day, another case for the Bloodhound Files. But this time, Jace is truly stumped: How is she, a mere human, supposed to penetrate the dark heart. Undead to the World. A Bloodhound Files novel from DD Barant. Jace’s return to Kansas is an instant reminder that there really is no place like home. The tavern.

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You never know what DD Barrant is going to throw your way in this world an Earlier books in the series were much better IMO, this was not by any means bad, just a little more convoluted in areas. He is the villain the vampires and the lycanthropes fear like the bogeyman and Jack the Tue and Hitler combined.

And a bonus of T! Damn, I was really hoping there’d be more Scotch.

Villains don’t help people. As a reader, it felt a little bit like a bait and switch situation for me, particularly given that the plot we were given is so very convoluted that at times it was hard to follow.

I love this series.

This was a good one and not way out there with alternate realities and time shifts like the 2nd and 3rd. How about throwing an ex who betrayed Jace and left her to die in book 2?

A Christian Hell, for example, would be full of fire and torment, populated undeas leering, sadistic demons.

There is a somewhat political side to the story that involves not only the border crossing into Canada minor but relevant to the storybut also the politics of divine beings. It’s not just who is doing what, but the supernatural forces directing behind the scenes.


Back from the Undead

Barant and this series is definitely one of my favorite. Not only that but the dialog The books are well written with believable characters and the stories flow well.

On the other, I appreciated how they didn’t antagonize one another, resulting in a low amount of angst. My biggest gripe about him was that I thought he needed more character development to make his change in BFTU believable.

The temporary partnership with Stoker is kind of nice, though I spend most of the times worrying that it’s just another trap. However, Tanaka might need to aim at others to protect Jace because Isamu is small fry compared to the others Made from the remains of a T-Rex, he is one tough dude!

And how Jace can navigate around actual gods and magical creatures vastly superior to her. Barant as he writes Jace perfectly and never falls into stereotypes.

Looking forward to it! Stopping child trafficking will see Jace cross the border where her badge doesn’t hold as much power she’s used to and if that were not enough, she’s running out of ammunition for her gun, not that a gun will necessarily help her against the ancient God whose attention sh When Stoker, an old adversary of Jace’s, contacts the NSA seeking help to break up a child trafficking ring, Jace isn’t sure she should leap to the bait.

You never know what DD Barrant is going to throw your way in this world and the unexpected is appreciated by me.

Back from the Undead (The Bloodhound Files, #5) by D.D. Barant

And to me Back from the Undead lacked this balance. Vampire children have gone missing, they are orphans basically, on the street, but too many are disappearing and it’s been noticed. Charlie is still my favorite character. Oh by the way. This pulls her over to Canada, which in Thropirelem the alternate universe that Jace was originally pulled into that’s mainly populated by werwolves and vampires and humans as a very small minorityis a cesspool of crime and corruption. Aug 05, Darcy rated it it was ok Shelves: Her profiling skill largely compensated the declining advantage of her gun in BFTU.


Fortunately, the twists and turns in this novel did not lose me. Refresh and try again. They are disappearing and Aristotle no longer has the connections to investigate or do something about it since he is no longer associated with the Free Human Alliance. There are some major “hoot” moments that make me chuckling like crazy. She gets a cry for help from none other than Stolker about missing pire children in Canada.

Back from the Undead (Bloodhound Files, book 5) by D D Barant

So this should be simple – go get him, do some investigating about the missing children, bring him back. I don’t know how she’ll survive drom Thropirelem without her firearm. I did have the complaint of missing Cassius. The good news is that she get less nausea from being a dimensional displaced entity. Jun 11, Dr susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Awesome series that I would recommend to anyone who sometimes wants their sci-fi a little less serious.