Amor en la tarde (Serie Hathaways 5): SERIE HATTAWAYS – Ebook written by Lisa Kleypas. Read this book using Google Play Books app on. Amor en la tarde (Serie Hathaways 5): SERIE HATTAWAYS – Ebook written by Lisa Kleypas. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, . Reseña: Amor en la tarde – Lisa Kleypas. Resumen/Sinopsis: Aunque ha asistido a varios actos sociales en Londres y posee una belleza.

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She was the kind of girl who you would want as your best friend although why she was ever friends with shallow Prudence Mercer is beyond me! OTHER This truly is a fabulous book – the two main characters are intriguing and complex and their relationship comes alive within these pages. harde

I thought it was interesting that she could use these same talents on Christopher to help calm and center him. I know, I’m mean. Upon coming home, though, everything is not lollipops and rainbows. A man that he used to snob Beatrix and her oddly manners, but after all those things that he had to witness in the battlefield, Christopher became a different man They don’t get off to a good start, but the next day, due to the urging of his sister-in-law, Christopher goes to Ramsay House and apologizes to Beatrix, and the seeds of friendship are planted.

He didn’t think that she actually could talk about other things except dancing, gossiping etc Don’t wait any longer, you won’t regret reading it, but you will regret not having read it any sooner. But when Prudence show her his letter, Beatrix was touched by the ugly conditions that he was living somewhere away fighting for the country This was as all of LK’s books I’ve read, written with perfection.

The crumbling Irish estate, Audrey’s family — I thought it was interesting that we were introduced to her brother and her family was brought up again and again. I absolutely LOVE this book! Beatrix earns a special place in my heart as heroine. I loved how the series wrapped up.



It was also nice to gain glimpses of some of The Wallflower’s universe and characters too. So I’m sort of dragging my feet figuring out what to say.

The book zoomed by with quick pacing and lovable and memorable characters, although I do have to say there was a few loose ends that were not explained, this may lisaa be a opening for a future series!

I especially loved that Kleypas made a point of showing how well Christopher already fit with them and leaves us to imagine how they’d all get along in the years to come.

Amor en la tarde (Love in the Afternoon)

Ok, this book has many of the things I love most in the books I read, regardless of the genre. Beatrix has no great fondness for the man: She is such a wonderful, sweet person, but has a very thoughtful and wise beyond her years core. This book was worth the wait and worth the build up from the previous four books. The romance between them was beyond beautiful!

And there’s no Leo I love more than Leo letting his sisters be who they are unapologetically view spoiler [ that scene when he’s giving her away. Hathaways Spanish Language Series5 Sold by: Much gratitude to everybody who told me these were good books, I just did not know what I was missing.

What sort of surprised me about this book was how much I loved the character of Beatrix. Cuando algo le interesa puede ser audaz y tarve directa, sobre todo a la hora de defender a su familia.

I enjoyed how Christoper unraveled the threads and clues, stumbling his way into the world of the Hathaways.

I loved that there were no more lies once Christoph I had to think about this one for a day before I could rate it. May 14, Hollis rated it really liked it Shelves: The big picture is that I loved this story.


As an altruist woman as she is, she answered. The one thing that has kept him going through all the tqrde has been the thought of “Prudence,” the woman he’s been exchanging letters with. Beatrix is surprised when she reads his heartfelt words of tardd. Pru agreed but didn’t much care either way. I loved Christopher fiercely also and amof think that together was a perfect match Christopher is seriously tortured.

Her decisive tone made him want to smile. View all 21 comments. At one point, while he is telling how he is going too help her have an even stronger orgasm because he knows how it works, even Beatrix points out sadly that she wished he hadn’t been others before her But as we all know, only heroes get to have sex before meeting the heroine.

That is, of course, until her friend finds herself in a rather unwanted correspondence with a soldier at the front. Vincent—the most devilishly wicked rake in England. But, as he explains in his letters to Pru, life on the battlefield has darkened his soul—and it’s becoming clear that Christopher won’t come back as the same man. And which is also why I hope one of the ‘quickie wrap-ups’ at the end was only a hint at a future story.

When Christopher makes it home from the war, eager to court the woman who stole his heart and gave him a reason to live, will it be Pru waiting for him who takes a renewed interest in him when Chris becomes a war heroor Beatrix? This book was a bit darker than her usual books, but it still had many light and funny moments.