instructions. module software by connecting its USB port to that of a computer. The DM6 module comes with 10 Preset Kits ( – .. Connect pads to the kit by inserting the metal rod into the . The DM6 hi-hat pedal (included) can send out four different levels, allowing you. DM6 USB Kit – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 1.

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Alesis DM6 Module Overview

Now I’ll help you avoid both! And you can vm6 course fold it in order to store it away. Higher-end electronic kits often come with a separate bass drum pad that you can use in conjunction with your own favorite pedal, but they tend to cost a little more than this kit.

Included in the Alesis Burst Kit pack is a drum module user guide and an assembly guide, so if you run into any difficulty you can consult them for help. The usg pads and free-floating pedals make it a much quieter alternative to an acoustic drum set. This feature is handy for remembering cool drum licks or grooves and can also be used to monitor your overall sound at gigs.

But to be fair: I also think it is a little bit hard to customize pads’ positions because of the screws and plastic pieces used to fix them to the racks. Which headphones are you using?

The Burst Kit is a level above the Alesis DM Litewhich is a cheaper and lighter drum kit, built with the interests of quick and easy transportation. I was also worried about how sturdy it would be once he started banging on it but it is very sturdy. Go herescroll down, select the download tab and download the newest firmware Put that onto a USB stick and insert it into your DM6 module Perform the firmware update and let me and test if the issue is resolved If not, just contact me again.


We have limited space so they seemed to be the set that would make us all happy. It will suit all ages, from the very young to the elderly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Alesis Drums DM6 User Guide |

The DM6 Kit from Alesis is a complete electronic drum set with every component needed to start playing drums. This module comes with 40 playalong songs that you can use to jam along to.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the relation price x fun and I’m doing good on learning to play the drums with this kit. The ride cymbal has no separate bell to play on so the only way alsis trigger a bell is to play harder on the pad. The hi-hat is made up of the same inch pad that works in conjunction with a freestanding foot controller.

The bass drum on the Alesis Burst Kit is a freestanding pedal, much like the hi-hat in design. There are two separate audio outputs on the DM6, one for connecting your headphones, and another to connect to a sound system or an amplifier. Hey Bruce, Cool you like the kit! Cons Limited sound range No advanced features cymbal choke, half-open Hi-Hat. It also gives you the ability to plug in an external device like an MP3 player so you can jam along with your favorite music.

Experienced drummers who are in need of a viable practice kit will be interested in the Burst Kit.

Some downsides to the Burst Kit are that it does not feature many of the drum coaching functions that are so popular with many kits in this price category. Considering the price, the Alesis DM6 does sound really good. Rated 4 out of 5 by Drummer without a care from Great iit experiment! Update Unrecognized Zip Code.


I’d do it again for sure. How to update the firmware is explained well here. The specialized snare pad that lets you hit the rim for rim shots obviously would often skip when I tried drum rolls on the pad. Alesis DM6 Kit specs. This would’ve received a 5-star rating, unfortunately there was one thing that stood out for me.

Each pad sits on a cymbal stand and is fastened in place with a wing nut. There are no fancy features such as cymbal chokes or three-zoned playing surfaces. Alesis DM6 Kit accessories. Im wondering if this drum module would fit the bill? It features a built-in metronome and patterns so you can sharpen your skills.

You still get an adjustable metronome and 40 playalong songs to jam with but Alesis have left out some of the features that come with the cheaper DM Lite drum module. Rated 3 out of 5 by Scott from Not bad The snare is a 9-inch rubber pad while the toms are each 8 inches in diameter.

The crash is another inch cymbal pad and is typically used to trigger crash, splash and china cymbal samples. It has more drum kits built-in, namely 15, and is a similar five-piece configuration. Playing them will feel much like playing a practice pad.

A kit like this is far cheaper than many acoustic alternatives and comes with the added benefit of being extremely quiet. I can connect to GarageBand and record it there then take it to ProTools for further detail. At this point you can pick one up on craigslist very cheap.

The pedal reacts to how you press your foot and changes the sound sample to suit. Just added a chokeable crash to the kit.