brought the S samplers from Akai with more welcome features like a resonant filter, onboard effects, more memory, and 32 voices. The SXL. It wasn’t until Akai released the S in that we saw resonance on an Akai sampler’s low-pass filter. But a significant addition on the S was APM or. The Akai S XL has an average rating of out of 5.(The Akai S XL has a total of 19 reviews).

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The Akai SXL is widely considered [ by whom? Bysadzik Sun Jan 31, But my main concern is the effects section.

The same as SXL. Some other models in the series include various options such as built in CD drives SCD or internal hard disks Si, pictured top.

I think the S is brilliant and I use it all the time so I’m sure you’ll dig it. Regardless, it is functionally identical and accepts the SXL options listed below sans internal hard disk also including the IBP 8-channel akaj board, standard in SXL.

This will boot your Sxl sampler so it is ready for use. Features graphic waveform editing. However, the obvious advantages of software samplers and the on-screen mouse and keyboard interface have taken over. You can get a sort of reverb effect by adjusting the envelope when using looped sounds like the built in sine, pulse, square and sawtooph obviously not on one shot drums I have a Mp and a S and I don’t think they sound the same, the S sounds a bit muddier and seems to colour the sound slightly where as the Mpc sounds pretty much the same as the original source material in my opinion.


To be honest, I have not found much personal z3000 from the effects at all as I never really used flangers or delays for anything I create in the first place, maybe a few times I used echos but that was it. New other see details. Oh, and one more question, guys: Languages Italiano Edit links.

I got some copys of sound librarys of a guy on ebay xkai while back called Juicy Lemon music, he doesn’t seem to sell them on ebay anymore but has a website, he doe’s a try out disk for 99p you might want to check it out. See more like this. Akaizer So, is there anything my ancient Akai is useful for in the modern world?

Akai S3000xl

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. More refinements More refinements The piano ones are quite good as they’re multi sampled. Akai Sampler Mailing List. Or perhaps a hard copy?

Akai S3000XL

Aside from outstanding sampling specs such as Sign in Already have an account? I think they come with the second filter board fitted as standard and effects, is it the EB16 card or is it internal like the S?

Allows you to remove the noisy back light inverter. Its important to fit the correct type, otherwise the look and functionality of the display will be badly compromised. I’d be very very grateful for your feedback. It is a shame but I very rarely use this unit any more. Hard drive size limit on Akai S?? Bynu-comer Sat Jan 16, 3: The SXL is also a synthesizer.


My s has low pass filter which is filter number 1 and second filter slot where you can choose between lpf,hpf,bpf and eq, however i have no idea if got the fx card installed or not.

Will you be able to post audio shootout between mpc and s? Skip to main content. I’d like to get d3000 second filter board for the s and I’d like a effects card for my mpc. Byrichie Sun Jan 31, 6: Go to synthesizers Akai.

The S has on board effects stanard, as does the S although less effects.

Akai SXL – Wikipedia

Item location see all. Is it worth a dime? Polyphony – 32 voice. I really couldn’t find one and only answer for that and I don’t know anybody who uses S Sampler – 16 Bit, Bynu-comer Wed Jan 13, 5: For adding sounds to the sampler, the SXL s30000 a 3.

Cancel reply Connect with: Does S actually have plenty of assignable effects? Doing it gives some weird artifacts – which depending of the material can be pleasant or not.