Ahmad Zarruq was a 15th century Muslim scholar from Morocco. A Berber of the Barnusi tribe, he lost both his parents within a week of his birth. Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq PI By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq Translated b y Shavkh Hamza Yusu f The noble scholar, the unique of his age, the regulator of the. The present study is an attempt to restore the text of Qawaid al-Tasawwuf by comparative and comprehensive study of its manuscripts. This thesis also aims to .

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Ahmad Zarruq

Examine your soul constantly in matters that you are obliged to do, or are needed to be done. Abdulazeez rated it it was amazing Dec 09, The gnostic is expected to have scrupulousness.

Never be lenient with yourself in either lax times or times of high resolve. Mashud rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Should the seeker not find a guiding teacher or find one who is lacking in any of these five conditions, he should depend on him only in those conditions the teacher fulfills.

The fourth section explains the methodology of zarruuq used for the restoration of the text.

Conversely, those who claim a lesser rank than their own will be elevated to an even higher one than they deserve. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The first part consists of the edited text of Qawaid al-Tasawwuf since the main concern of this thesis is to restore the original text and verify the authenticity of its contents by the comparative study of its MSS.

And should others aggress against you. That comes from him having a good opinion of himself and considering himself blameless. The reason for this is a stranger in reality owes you nothing, and someone close to you is too precious to direct your blame to him. About Sidi Ahmad Zarruq. Know may Allah give you and us success, and rectify our worldly and other worldly lives and grant us adherence to way of the truth in our journeys and in our sojourns that: Any aspirant who is of the above mentioned types is in fact ruined and has no salvation on this path, but whoever holds to the Book and the prophetic practice will be safe and Godspeed arrive.


Have a firm foundation in all of your affairs, and you will be safe from their pitfalls. This is so because it is constantly fleeing from moderation in everything, and it inclines towards extremism in both matters of deviance and guidance. There is in respect to the common people, a people who are elite in the sight of Allah. Jeanne rated it it was amazing Nov 19, The qualifications of th e spiritual guide wit h whom the seeke r may safely entrust h is self are t he following five: This is so because too much laxity concerning permissible matters pulls the heart backward in its journey, until even a man of resolve ends up looking like a foolish boy.

The Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq | The Ideal Muslim Man

Let your main concern be to remove from your outer state anything that is displeasing, and then maintain its outward state from continuous counsel. And beware of the majority of people in matters that concern your religious and your worldly states, unless you have ascertained he has some sound relationship with his Lord based upon a knowledge that is free of his caprice or love azrruq leadership, and a sound intellect free of the pitfalls of hidden agendas.

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Indeed, in these times even a suitable companion who is agreeable rarely lasts! Ahmad Zarruq was a 15th century Muslim scholar from Morocco. Never give your companion anything of your state other than what his own state wants.

He whose service is for others is ennobled by it. Return to Book Page. The Truth is clear, and its details are weighty and significant. Organize your time in a manner appropriate to the time-specific needs using gentleness and toleration.

A Critical Edition of Qawaid al-Tasawwuf by Ahmad Zarruq (d. /) with Introduction

Anything you are in no need of doing, leave it. Any aspirant of this path who inclines toward the following preoccupations will perish: Treat others just as you would want to be treated, and fulfill to them what is due to them. Nik Azhan rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Indeed, should you miss some of your practice in a given time, redress it in another time. Leave them but in the best way. The realization of mindfulness of Allah is through scrupulousness and uprightness.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Azfar rated it really liked it Jun 24, Never be lenient with yourself in either lax times or times of high resolve. Zainab Ismail rated it it was amazing Aug 28,