Title: ABB – Installer Products Introduction, Author: Michael James, Name: ABB Fully conform to IEC (Active energy) Direct connected OD Up to. Buy ABB LCD Digital Power Meter, 7-Digits, 3 Phase, ±2 % Accuracy 2CMAR – OD or other digital-power-meters online from RS for next day. ABB’s broad program of standardized products and components OD IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes. DAB IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes .. transformer ratio on OD ) which makes it very easy to deal with in.

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Analogue Input, 2fold, SM Used for detecting and processing of 2 indep.

Technical Data Accuracy class: You have chosen to save the following item to a parts list:. The Zone Module delivers the control signals and the supply voltage for the external detectors. The device contains logical function with the possibility of individual parameter parameterisation. Freie Abschnitte der Datenschiene mssen mit einem Abdeckstreifen geschtzt werden. Zone Terminal, 2-fold, FM For the monitored connection of passive detectors, e.

The device uses state-of-the-art and energy-efficient microcontroller technology. It communicates wirelessly via a bidirectional EnOcean Standard radio protocols, has a large display and a rotary wheel for manual operation Service.

ABB LCD Digital Power Meter, 7-Digits, 3 Phase , ±2 % Accuracy

Script editor for logic functions. The 16A-AC1 device is especially suited for resistive abbb. The twilight switch can send switching or dimming telegrams to EIB actuators in the event of an overflow or an underflow of the threshold value. Aufputz-Wchter-Sensor mit Sensorwinkel und mit integriertem Busankoppler. Used for connection to the exterior perimeter detectors such as magnetic reed contacts 416 passive glass break sensors.


For controlling conventional actuators. The 10AX-AC1 device is especially suited for loads with high surge currents e. The voltage must be supplied externally.

The connection to the bus is established using the enclosed bus connection terminal at the front of 1465 device. The diagnosis and protection module enables quick diagnostics of the bus state and indicates telegram traffic via an LED.

In addition to displaying the current state of the installation in a browser window, the device can also send messages via e-mail, in order to report events and alarms.

The communication of the devices via the KNX bus also enables central control functions and allows emergency signals to be sent from the rooms to a central control station.

Apart from the voice messages, e-mail 416 SMS messages can be sent.

:: Futurasmus KNX Group :: EIB/KNX Leading Wholesaler

Especially suitable for switching from resistive, inductive and capacitive loads including flourescent lighting loads according to Agb 60 Das Gert ermglicht das Schalten und Dimmen einer Leuchtengruppe. Each ab of the device has a manual key. The network connection is used for parameterization, operation and display via the existing web server. It isused as a control, monitoring and in-dication unit for the complete KNX in-stallation which can be operatedacross different rooms. Manual and visual operation.

In the event of an alarm, a loud, pulsating signal is sounded. The sensitivity can be individually adjusted. The device is suitable sbb switching ohmic, inductive and capacitive loads. The addressing or commissioning of the DALI devices is not necessary. It is used to control digitally dimmable electronic ballast devices or transformers via the EIB.


In addition to the fan output a floating switch output is present.

The smoke detector is battery-operated 9 V battery. Please enter a message. Adjusting the settings later — according to a possible changed building usage — is easy and cost-effective for the system integrator. The number of zones via the Security Bus S-Bus 1 is dependent on the current requirement max. The device is mounted onto glass using Loctite os LKS.

The position changes should be distributed equally 60 30 20 within the minute. No separate DALI voltage supply is required. Accommodates up to 4 plug-in modules. The analogue outputs can be used as current or voltage outputs with adjustable output signals.

Application program only for the ETS3. The module has 4 zones to which several detectors can be connected. A season time switch, day routines with switching times, week routines and special days.

Flush mounted mounted box 166x254mm – MD/U 5.1

Local control possible via flush-mounted sensors and conventional pushbutton. Room temperature controller without “on-site operation”. Both protocols and specifications are identical. Hotel management systems can directly access the Fan Coil ambient temperature controller with display via KNX and trigger controllers in the room. It can be used simultaneously as a distribution box.