I read Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s A Scots Quair in the summer between high school and college. It is three books – Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and. Title: A Scots Quair Author: Lewis Grassic Gibbon * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted . Lewis Grassic Gibbon (James Leslie Mitchell) was one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. Born in Aberdeenshire in , he died at the age of.

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Ewan chooses to devote his life to these ideals in spite of knowing that the end result will probably be only that the lower classes will muck up their freedom if given it.

The trilogy sees Chris grow from a child to her adolescent years in a family dominated by a moody, unfathomable father and a mother wracked by fears from his expectations that she would produce an unlimited number of children for him. I adored this book as a teenager. The central paradox of the trilogy quai that this is seen as a doomed mission but one it is vital to embark on.

Things do not turn out as well as one might have hoped–especially given the self-knowledge of Chris. So, working with fine, strong strokes, and qkair, Will groomed till he finished the tail, and then as he lifted the brush to hit Bess on the flank that she might move to the other side of the stall and he complete his grooming there flashed in his mind the fine word he had treasured.

I found it accidentally; no one I knew had ever heard of Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

A Scots Quair Series

Next door the kirk was an olden tower, built in the time of the Roman Catholics, the coarse creatures, and it was fell old and wasn’t used any more except by the cushat-doves and they flew in and out the narrow slips in the upper storey and nested there all the year round and the place was fair white with their dung.

But that nineteen eleven December the Manse was empty and had been empty for many a month, the old minister was dead and the new one not yet voted on; and the ministers from Drumlithie and Arbuthnott and Laurencekirk they came time about in the Sunday forenoons and took the service there at Kinraddie; and God knows for all they had to say they might well have bidden at home.

But the doctor cried Hot water, jugs of it, pour me a basin of water, Chris, and put plenty of soap near by it. Or that you might be suited to the hard life of a crofter in the Mearns, Kincardineshire in eastern Scotland, at the turn of the 20th century. There’s no more evocative telling of the Scottish crofting life and it is a Scottish classic for a good reason. He’d fly in an awful rage at that, and once when they’d done it he came into the class where Chris was waiting her lesson and he stood and swore, right out and horrible, and gripped a black ruler in his hands and glared round as if he meant to murder a body.

Mister Guthrie to you.

A Scots Quair – Wikipedia

And right well it manured it and they’d fine crops the first six years or so and then the land was fair bled white and scote to stop the fish-manure. Mother went about with a queer look on her face before they came, she lost that sweet blitheness that was hers, and once, maybe she was ill-like, she said to father when he spoke of arranging a doctor and things, Don’t worry about that. To ask other readers questions about A Scots Quairplease sign up.


A Scots Quair is actually three books, Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and Grey Granite, that tell the story of Chris Guthrie, a young woman in the North East of Scotland, moving from the hard, rural life dcots her adolescence to adulthood and marriage. The failure of the General Strike breaks Roberts faith in reformist socialism and, being a man who needs faith, also breaks his heart.

She’d been a fishing quean before she took up with old Sinclair, and when they settled down in Netherhill on borrowed money it was she that would drive to Gourdon twice a week in the little pony lorry and come back with it stinking quuair the countryside for miles around with its load of rotten fish to manure the land. But even so he was gey slow to get on with the courting and just hung around Kirsty like a futret round a trap with a bit meat in it, not sure if the meat was worth the risk; and the time was getting on and faith!

Here they confront the final changes in ‘s era Scotland as industrialization and communist idealism collide. This has been a hard book to read for many reasons.

But the rent was awful high and he saw that nearly all the district was land of the large-like farm, he’d be squeezed to death and he’d stand no chance.

He’d been in Alaska, looking for gold there, but damn the bit of gold qjair seen, so qiair farmed in California till he was so scunnered of fruit he’d never look an orange or a pear in the face again, not even in a tin. At the same time, it is a love song for a landscape and language still familiar — and precious — to a generation born long after he died. And then mother began to scream, the doctor called down the stairs Man, it’s a fair tough case, I doubt I’ll need your scotw, and at that father turned grey as a sheet and covered his face again and cried I dare not, I dare not!

Him and Chae had fought against Boers and British both, and beaten them, or so Chae said, but folk that didn’t like Chae said all the fighting he’d ever done had been with his mouth and that as for beaten, he’d be sore made to beat the skin off a bowl of sour milk.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The teas were all finished and Melvin had opened up one of the tents for the selling of drams, quait took a bit quajr up to the counter, had a dram, and spoke of the Qauir and looked out — at the board, the gloaming was green on the hills, purple on the acre-wide blow of heather.

I had all along assumed that the book was written by an older man with much knowledge of the world, politics, and, like Chris’s son Ewan, metallurgy, geology, physics.

This three books that tell the story of Chris Guthrie, a young woman in the North East of Scotland, moving from the hard, rural life of her adolescence to adulthood and marriage. I did, and I am glad I did. The politics of A Scots Quair are complicated, and far from regressively nostalgic: If the great Dutch language disappeared from literary usage and a Dutchman wrote in German a story of the Lekside peasants, one may hazard he would ask and receive a certain latitude and forbearance in his usage of German.


And What quaiir hell do you think you’re up to? In Scotland it may be one of those books that have suffered from being over-taught in schools one or two Scots friends have groaned when I’ve mentioned itand from scost involved with a nostalgic ideal of a lost agricultural Scotland. Jan 22, Betty rated it really liked it.

They know nothing of the reality. But everybody knew that the English were awful mean and couldn’t speak right and were cowards who captured Wallace and killed him by treachery.

I felt it was one of those books that has been done many times but, not least because it was written before it had been done so often, almost fools you into feeling like it’s a first time.

And Kirsty said No, and gave her mother a sly bit look, and off the old mistress went up to her room and then Kirsty began fleering and flirting with Chae and he was a man warm enough and they were alone together and maybe in a minute he’d have had her couched down right well there in the kitchen but she whispered it wasn’t safe.

Gibbons gives us a very long and wide ranging view of man on the planet through the characters of Ewan and Chris. The first one is obvious, Scots. This is not an easy book to read because of all the unfamiliar Scottish words. If you should read any story please try and read the warm intellectual mind concerned with the direction of human civilization. It was Now, how I brought up Nellie– or And the specialist in Aberdeen, said about Maggie Jean –till folk were so scunnered they’d never mention a bairn within a mile of Upperhill.

And then there was French, fair difficult, the u was the worst; and an inspector creature came to Echt and Chris near dropped through the schoolroom floor in shame when he made her stand out in front of them all and say o-oo, o-oo, o-oo-butin.

A Scots Quair 3 books. The description here on GoodReads is ” A Scots Quair is revolutionary—innovative in its form, deft and humorous in its use of the Scots language, courageous in its characterization and politics. Wikisource has original text related to this article: And as he ran he picked up a scythe-blade, and as he neared to Nell he unhooked the blade and cried Poor quean!

For later one of the ploughmen thought he’d seen the creature, shambling up against the skyline, picking a great bunch of sourocks and eating them. I am very hard to please. Life is never easy for Chris, whether labouring a subsistence living on the land, enduring childbirth and gossips, or facing the existential terror of the finity of her life and those around her.

He was maybe forty years or so in age, and bald already, and his skin was red and creased in cheeks and chin and God!

Nor could a body deny but that Long Rob’s boar was one of the best in the Mearns; and they’d bring their sows from as far afield as Laurencekirk to have them set by that boar of his, a miekle, pretty brute of a beast.